Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You can have a CRAPPY day and Not look like Crap!

Sydney asked me if I was going to take pics again. I thought heck no!!!! But I did any ways and it actually made me feel a lot better!
We had a last minute appointment with the pediatrician. I hadnt even showered yet, but you've got to get in when you can so off we went.
I could've gone in my baggy shirt and PJ pants, which is what I would've normally done, but I've been determined to take more pride in my appearance.
So on went the Kohls tank top $6 and a pair of Wide legged AE jeans. (technically little people like me arent suppose to wear wide legged. It makes us look short and squatty)
i put on this little blazer I got at Stien Mart for $3, yep you read right $3.
Oh and My NEW purse from Kohls for $15 the day after Thanksgiving!
FlipFlops on the way out (big NONO from my podiatrist)
But I love the fact that all you see are my Christmas sparkle toes when I wear them.
The sleeves kind of poof out and so I thought it might balance the pants out. Actually this was a total after thought. Because what really happened was I thought Crap!! I mean I look like Crap! Before I would actually want people to be able to look at me and say "how she was up with sick kids all night. You can tell just by looking at her!"
But the sweet receptionist said hello to me and then said "you dont look like you have 3 sick kids under 6 years old!" God Bless her I almost cried.
She knows I stay home and she has seen me many a time before.
I'm totally taking that office some Christmas goodies.
HAHA But they probably wont eat them for fear of getting sick! HAHA
PS I never did get a shower that day. Thank You Bath and Body works body spray!
PSS diagnoses - eye infections, Lincoln full blown, Sydney just starting, and Isaac..
"just give me a script for him too its only a matter of time."
Sydney's ear tubes are looking great, Lincoln continues to be congested, and Isaac finally caught that nasty cold we've all had.
Poor sick little bugs!
So I'm screwed for the next few day!