Sunday, February 12, 2012

My little girl turns 6 years old tomorrow!

My baby girl was born February 13, 2006 in Orem Utah.
5 Pounds 11 ounces and 19 inches long.
Tomorrow she is turning 6 years old.
Tonight I'm looking through my pictures missing my baby!

Feb. 13th 2006

I think SB was feeding AML a cheese stick. lol I love the look on his face.

"You must've been and beautiful baby...."

I loved that my parents were able to come see her so soon.

I was love at first splash for Love Bug!

Do you see her fingers. I call it threading. Ever since she was tiny she would pull things through her fingers. She so tired sometimes she'll do it to my shirt or her dress with out even realizing it. Its her tell tell sign that she is EXHAUSTED!

Look at her big BABY smile! She sure was a happy baby!

Again more love of the water! And spectacular swim wear!
In my parents backyard the summer before the move to Florida. Sand EVERYWHERE!

More water! I loved that suit. It had little ruffles on her butt. So dang CUTE!
Look how little Sadie was! Miss out golf course back yard!
She wore that dress forever! She eventually wore it as a shirt.

Loved that CURLY HAIR!

This is definitely on of my favorite pics of her. Shear JOY!
And yes it was hot that day!

Again the curls OH MY GOODNESS!!!
Love this shot of her and her daddy! She was so excited!

My friend Heidi of h.a.m. Photography
took the pic below. This was when she was just learning photography. She hadnt even started her business yet. She is a true talent. I love love love this pic of LB. It a side that many people see but I dont. Its a shy and cautious Sydney.
Thank you Heidi for giving this to me!Halloween as a butterfly! The next night she had antenna.
So everyone at the trunk or treat that night thought she was a fairy but that was ok.

The 3 amigos! I know she misses them. For 3 years in a row these three girls shared bday together. It was sad not to have them together today.
Well my Love Bug... You are getting so big I cant believe it.
I love you and know in my heart you are a truly wonderful generous loving child and the world is a better place to have you.
And I am a better person to call you my daughter!
I love you Love Bug!!

Love Bug's B-Day Party

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Caramel Apples

Add Second cup of cream

Snow is falling all around...

Second Day Out!