Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Bowl and other things to be thankful for...

This was the only action shot I was able to get of Josh and it was at the edge of the frame. I think it still looks cool though.
They had a lot of visitors come play. I wound up being the only wife to show up to watch. i felt really silly at first but then I thought. I've never been to watch Josh play turkey bowl in the 10 years we've been married. Might as well be here when he's playing in Florida.
Unfortunately I dressed us all way too warm. As I said it was chilly when we started getting ready but by the end of the game it was in the 80s.
Isaac watching his daddy play. this was before he became obsessed with playing with a pair of 5 year old boys. They were best friends and didnt really have a desire to have someone else join them. That was great.
Sydney ofcourse LOVES her daddy. This is our friend Tapa. He thinks Sydney is just cute as a button which means she turns on the cute when ever he's around. I find it highly irritating but he thinks its cute. It just encourages her.
I love the pic below because as much as I think she's getting so big you see a pic like this and you realize she's still a little girl.