Sunday, May 25, 2008

Baby Lincoln comes home!!!!!
I was shocked at how depressed I was to come home with out Lincoln. He stayed 24 hours longer then I did at the hospital. They wanted him in the NICU for a full 24 hours without ant problems.
Ofcourse heres Isaac and Sydney loving on their brother.
Good looking trio huh!?!
Josh and Nannah took the kids to Bass Pro shop for their Special Memorial day celebration. In the middle of this sports store is a HUGE fish tank which the kids love to go stand by. Isaac has a stuffed shark and he's pretending to eat all the fish.
They had all sorts of stuff to do for the kids there. Scroll down and have a peek.

This was an actual Coast Guard boat they had in the parking lot. The kids got to go on and ask all sorts of questions. From what I understand Isaac was the only kid who took FULL advantage of the question asking.
Josh said Isaac would have stayed on that ship ALL DAY and been in heaven. The Coast Guard guys really took to him. Of course most adults do once Isaac gives them a chance.
Sydney in the HUGE bouncy house.

This is the big shark head outside the store. Isaac loves sharks!
You really have to double click on this pic o get the FULL impact. She is just elated. And its pictures like this that I believe actually come close to capturing how beautiful she really is!
Isaac was too busy focusing on jumping high to look up. Josh said he enjoyed himself but had a better time on the boat. He sometimes can be way too intense on doing something to fully enjoy it. At least that's what it seems like to me.
"Must jump high!!"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lets hear it for our little Lincoln log!!

So this morning at 7:50 am Laura gave birth to Lincoln "log" Thomas Sparks (laura's gonna kill me for the whole log reference but she is in the hospital and can't do a thing about it!). He tips the scales at a stagering 7 lbs 6 ounces (huge compared to Isaac and Sydney) and was 19 inches long. Unfortunately he swallowed some amniotic fluid and it got in his lungs and he is in NICU for 48 hrs while they do a culture to make sure that everything is alright. That is why the pictures I am posting are not of us holding him. Anyways, enjoy! (he kind of reminds me of Scott for some reason, doesn't he?)

Here is Laura, triumphant after a NATURAL childbirth (no it was not planned but I dont want to steal her thunder so I'm gonna let her report on that later!)

In addition to the new baby, we are due to pick up our new puppy next week when we move and I wanted to add a few pictures I enjoyed taking of Syndey with the puppy. Here she is so happy with the puppy in her new stroller.

Then came the melt down that lasted 15 min and culminated with her throwing everything out of the car and running away screaming.

What a sweet action shot!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Isaac saw a really cool dirt bike type bicycle on TV the other day. He came and told me, "I want that!!" I didn't pay him much mind and not thinking I said, "you have to learn to ride your bike with out training wheels first."
So the next day he asked his dad to take him to the park because he was going to ride with out training wheels.
They got to the park and Josh told him the secret to riding with out training wheels "pedal fast".
And off he went! Later in the afternoon we all went to the park so Isaac could show me how good he really was. And he wasn't exaggerating... he's good. He has also mastered starting by himself. Well, most of the time. Take a look at the video below.

Its crazy to me to watch him bike. He got on like he'd always known how. I don't know why that surprises me because that's how Isaac is. He decides to do something and does it. He also won't do something until he's sure he will succeed.

Well Isaac graduated from preschool. Not really. He still has another year until kinder garden.
I thought the whole ceremony was over the top. I mean cap and gown, school board members spoke, the vice principle spoke, ect. They had a slide show and musical numbers. Crazy!!
That is until Josh reminded me that this is a vocational program for the high school kids. This was like their end of the year project. And they did a fantastic Job!!
You really felt the love that the students had for the kids and it all came together really well.
Here are some pics and videos.

So in the graduation ceremony they had about 5 songs. This one was the first song Isaac did. The high school students/teachers are standing behind the kids.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another song that the kids learned the dance moves and words to. This one was Isaac's favorite.

This is Ms. Read. She is the teacher for the early childhood education classes. Strict lady but we love her and you can tell she loves the children and not just the little ones. The high school students have just as much love and respect for her in return.
Its funny because Isaac didn't take to Ms. Read until I told her that she should give him hugs and man that turned their relationship around.
These two pics got switch on accident. Not chronological, oh well. Isaac walking down to the stage in cap and gown and him receiving his diploma. Even though he'll be back next year for another year of preschool.
And yes he got to keep his tassel. It's hanging from our rear view mirror as I type!
After the graduation ceremony they had a party at "Plaster Kingdom". Isaac and Sydney were allowed to pick out one thing to paint. Isaac picked a Shark and we picked a flower for Sydney.
You can tell that Isaac is already exhausted and Sydney was fine as long as she was painting. She wound up painting the entire plate not just her flower.
This young lady was the life saver for the year. She would have to be the one to peal Isaac off of me every morning and hold him while he cried for me. She did a great job and Isaac adores her. Her name is Jenna.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Okay Sadie is way cuter then the other dog image I put on here. Yes this is her. And no we don't have her yet. I went to visit her, take pics and ask questions. She's basically house broken as long as you have a doggy door they said she should do really well. And they just happen to have an old patio door that they are either going to give me or sell dirt cheap!!
She came right up to me like she knew she was mine!! Look at her little wrinkly legs!! And they were so good with the kids. The mommy doggy is still a little temperamental because of the puppies but the dad was amazing. I'm so excited to add her to our family.
Oh and she's just about crate trained too. She's too good to be true. And so cuddly!!
I think the other dog I put on the blog was actually a mini dosch. And Sadie is a little more in the redder side . Sooooooooo cute!! She all up to date on her shots and I'm looking into $$ to have her spade. I'm looking forward to having her with us a long time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I bought a PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have apic of her yet because she's not ready to leave her mom for another couple weeks. So I surfed the net and found the closest I could get. Her name is going to be Sadie and she is a Daschund. I know, I totally never thought of getting a daschund. But we went to go buy a stroller from a nice lady off of Craigs list (love it) and she just happened to be selling puppies too!! They had 4 and 2 were blonde like this one. They looked like little labs. Soooooooo cute. And I was really surprised at how sturdy the mom and dad were. They're small dogs but they can definitely handle Isaac and Sydney.
This little dog has a more pointed face then Sadie but she's still pretty close to what I remember Sadie looking like. I just remember thinking, "Wow she really doesn't look that much like a Daschund. Of course the only ones I'm familiar with was Fritzey that lived next door to us.
I'm really really excited about her. It'll be a little rough the first couple months because of the baby but it will be worth it considering we'll have her for many years to come.

Who knew that big nosed glasses could be that big of a hit.
Isaac had a carnival at his preschool and got a bag full of goodies these glasses being one of them. I guess while I was napping they all had a grand old time.
Sydney lived in this night gown for two days and I didn't care.
Yep daddy even got into it and they finished off the playing by having me wear them too. Yes I am awake but very reluctant. (Isaac really does have beautiful hair doesn't he?!!)

Yep we now have a Wii! We have joined the ranks of Wii users. Josh borrowed Guitar hero from a friend. Isaac is talking to Nannah while taking his break. He's actually pretty good at the boxing which I guess is the best one for his age. Sydney and I haven't tried it yet. I seriously don't have the energy for it right now. Josh got together with some of his friends last night and they all brought their controllers. Josh used his projector to shoot it up on the wall. They had a pretty good time

Ok let me tell you ahead of time that there would be a pic to go with this but because of Calley's cautioning I decided it was better to just tell you.
Isaac's lesson of the day...
Stickers and male genitalia do not mix, no matter how good of an idea it may seem at the time!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yep the time has come where she seems to be more ornery around me then cute. She saves the cute for everyone else and lets me deal with the rest. I am so blessed.
I heard them chatting up a storm but didn't know where they were. I found them just sitting and talking in the closet togehter. They really are good friends as long as the are well rested and fed. Their best time of day is after dinner right before bedtime.

This is a little bush at the bottom of our stair well. A mother duck decided to make it into her nest. She barley fit in it. Every morning when we would come outside the daddy duck would be standing guard as the mommy went and got something to eat and Isaac would look in on the eggs. He'd also take the time to talk to the daddy for a while.
Well we came home from preschool the other day to find the eggs hatching!!! Isaac was so excited but very careful not to get too close. This morning we left for preschool early so that we could feed the mommy and get some pics.
Here's a great shot of one of the babies. It was lucky to have gotten this one because they mostly just hide under their mother. But late this afternoon I saw her leading them down to the water. Tomorrow after quiet time we're going to got to the lake in our complex and look for them.
They may ugly when they grow up but they sure make cute babies!! And did you know that baby duck saw "cheap!!" I thought that was just chicks.

So I totally thought that last night would progress into me going into the hospital. And hour of nasty contractions and then I took my medicine and laid down. They stopped. But today I went into the doctors expecting to be at least dilated a little more. NOPE!! A one. I guess Dr. cohen measured me at a finger tip not a 1 last week. So I have gone from a finger tip to a one. Yipee!
But it is good because it looks like I will definitely make my inducement. And that'll make everything easier. Everything but the next 16 days.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yes Isaac's preschool is having a graduation. Isaac isn't graduating to kindergarten till next year but he's still part of the ceremony. This preschool is a steal. Its the vocational program at the high school, so the teachers are high school students. And there are always about 5 students in the room and there are only about 15 kids, so Isaac gets the amount of attention he needs. There are two adults that supervise the students. Miss Vanessa is in the preschool with the students and kids. Ms. Read is in the adjacent class room with a two way mirror and all the other students. These are the students learning early childhood education and the ones in the preschool are practicing it.
Isaac goes Tuesday through Wednesday 8-12. The feed them snacks and lunch and its $15 a WEEK!!!!
And they do all sorts of cool stuff. They had a bouncy house and snow cones for the week of Christmas celebrations. And all the kids got presents and Santa came. Its crazy the stuff the do. I think its b/c they get a certain amount of funding from the school district.
As soon as Sydney is potty trained (August) or early by her choice, she can go for only an extra $5 a week. We will be moving so the school will be 6 miles away. But even taking into account the gas, its still the cheapest preschool I have found. And they really focus on academics where the previous school I had him in worked on social skills. We know Isaac doesn't lack in that.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby shower time!!!!
Its so great down here. Every baby gets a shower whether its your 1st or 7th, and the gender never matters. I found out that a tradition in this ward is to go to the Olive Garden for the shower. At first I was apprehensive b/c I didn't want people to feel that they had to pay out to come to the shower. But as it turns out when people heard how I felt they were upset we weren't having it there. So there we went. It was really nice. No one had to make sure their house was clean and no one had to deal with clean up. Its a great excuse to get together as girlfriends and eat out. Thank you to all the ladies that came and to those who sent their love!
So here I am with what about 20 days to go and ready. Thank you to my sister for the maternity shirt, otherwise I would've been wearing my husbands shirt to the shower. My belly looks extra ball like b/c I wear that maternity belt. Its crazy to watch my tummy drop when I take it off. It also makes me look smaller then what I am. You can compare the front to the butt and tell that my belly is much bigger then it appears. I got a postpartum belt to support my back after the baby and that will make my belly seem smaller also. I can't wait for that one. And I just cut my hair again yesterday. I have a feeling it might stay this short for a while. Its just too easy and I pull it off pretty well with my fuller face.
The ladies left to right
Stephanie, Bonnie, Barb, Molly, Audrey, Krishawn, and Julie.

Kristi, Audrey, Jen's sister, and Jen (due andy day now) and next to Jen is Kim which you can't see.

Heather, Aricka, me, Calley shooting the pic and then Angela.
A girl in our ward is known for the hooded towels she always makes for showers. Their really detailed and everyone looks forward to getting their towel. Thank you Stephanie.
I've wanted this blanket for months. Its super soft and WAY cute! Audrey and Aricka got it for me a long with a fuzzy brown body pillow I've been dieing for.
Heather and Marianne are making this SUPER CUTE quilt for us. If you double click on it you can get a better look. They still need to finish it to my relief. When I pulled it out I was scared hey intended me to finish it. But luckily their just waiting for the rest of the material.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just to let you know that Josh isn't the only one posting anymore. But I haven't exactly been current on shooting pics either. So I thought I'd share one of my most favorite videos of Isaac. This should've given us a heads up tot the future but our innocents allowed us to think it was cute.