Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My bathroom downstairs needed a little somthinsomthin..

A little HGTV style going on in our bathroom. meaning it looks good on camera but dont look too close or it will look cheap and shoady! I stapled some fabric to my wall. lol

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sydney was in a modeling shoot.

My very talented friend Barb is opening an Etsy Shop.


She hired another talented friend of mine to take the pictures she will use in her Shop.

http://heidiannmcleodphotography.blogspot.com/Sydney was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the models. the night before I blew out her hair and straightened it. I dont know why I even bothered. The humidity curled it up with in minutes. I was very proud of how she behaved for Heidi, Even though I thought she was laying on the "cute" a little too thick.

Heidi has such an eye for what looks good in a pic and I always love to watch her creativeness surface when she's shooting. Barb has always been talented also. She made Lincoln a GORGEOUS blanket for a Shower present. i know her shop will do great.

I put a link to both Barb's shop and Heidis photography page at the bottom of this post. If you have a minute go check both out. Barb will be featured on the blog Make it and Love it this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of the pics of Sydney will wind up on there. I LOVE THAT BLOG!!! Its to the right of my posts in my list of stalking victims.
Also if you have another extra minute you could go onto facebook and "like" HAM PHOTOGRAPHY. Then in the comments put my name. If I get 15, I can get a discount on our Christmas shoot!!!! Our last Photo in Florida. Well Christmas photo. you know what I mean.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Projects

Previously an old gaudy gold mirror. Some primer, heirloom white and some ralph lauren metallic tint and her we are! My sad little camera does not do it justice.

My ottoman slip cover... it looks like I tried to squeeze into a dress that is WAY too tight. On my list of things to do is to add a second layer to show through at the corners. When ever I get to that!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Before pic above and after pic below. Sorry that was pretty obvious. But I love that I can take before and after pics. Notice my sweet FHE pillows in the pic. Thank you Elise for the compliments. Really this is all so new to me. And a big thank you to mom for putting me in that sewing class when I was a little girl.

I'll try and type in some more details later but Josh is yelling for help with the kids.

I apologize about pic quality. Someday I'll have a nice camera.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Obsession

These look way cooler in person but oh well. One of these days I'll get a fancy camera like Heidi's. I still wont have her talent but at least you'll be able to see what I take a pic of.
Anyways, I'm going to have a time next week where I have everyone over to teach them how. if your interested watch for the date on Facebook.

Side of the road rocker

You read right. Someone put this on the curb for bulk trash pick up. It was originally white and in pieces. Amazing what elmers glue will do. For some reason I only relate it to construction paper. Some green spray paint later...
I had originally made the pillow out of this scrap material... bright citrus, but it wound up being ridiculously too small. So out came the drop cloths! I love those things. I did the piping in the scrap left from the citrus scrap. I might go back to Joannes and get more of it b.c it was so cute with the green but I didnt have enough to make it the proper size.

Baby Doll Sling

Sydney was getting frustrated that she couldnt "do the things I want to do and still take care of my baby!" LOL! Thats why everything I like to do happens after your in bed for the night!
So out came the drop cloths and I wiped out a sling for her. Needless to say it solved the problem. "your a guineous Mommy!" Yes Yes I know.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I know we are the only family that deals with keeping their kids still for FHE. haha So I had an inspiration of my own. "They need clear boundaries as to where they should be during FHE."
I was going to do Carpet squares so they could slid under the couch. But no one seems to sell Carpet Remnants anymore. You can buy carpet tiles but they are pricey so the ones I would be able to buy would've been tiny.
I dont expect them to sit on the pillows the whole time but they can lay on them or prop themselves up on them. As long as their bodies are stationary and in contact with the pillows...
I got the pillows for cheap at Ross and the covers I used drop cloth from Home Depot, my new fav material. It has an organic look to it and its CHEAP. Thank you to the ladies of blogging world for introducing me to it. I then printed out the text and used contact paper to secure it to some thicker plastic. (For Christmas/Birthday I'm asking for a Silhouette Machine) I had to cut them all out with an exact-o knife. I used Wrought Iron acrylic paint. this is all after I machine stitch the 3 sides closed leaving an opening to shove the pillow in. (pillow went in after the paint dried)
Once I did put the pillow in I hidden stitched the last part closed.

I used my snap thingy my mom got me (LOVE IT MOM) to add snaps to the ribbon to keep all the pillows together. And of course I had to add the fabric flower and a little bling.I'm soooo excited I did this. I hope it actually works.
The main reason I'm so excited is that I cruise blogs everyday and everyday I'm amazed but the creativity I see. I've copied quit a few things (rose wreath) but had yet to think of an idea and complete it all on my own.
Ya for being in your Thirties and deciding who you want to be.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Free give away!!!!!


I would so badly love to win this. Cutting out contact paper with an exacto knife SUCKS!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Launch Pad

The Fly Lady has you set up a launch pad. A place where everything is so dont have to look for anything ei. shoes, keys, purse, ect.
Our front door is to the left of the pic.
We store our keys and phones in the mail center I repainted. It was a sweet 80's light wood. No not the same "light wood" as the bookcase/table.
I need to rearrange the pics so that they flow better but really thats at the bottom of my list of things to do.
Each person has their own cubby for book bags and things. Well Lincoln and I actually share one right now, I have my church purse and everyday purse. That way I dont have to switch up at the last minute on Sunday morning and try and find scriptures and diapers and everything else. We also share a shoe basket which is located under everyones allotted cubby.

This is the 1st area of my home that I have thought out and decorated. I know its not much but I'm really proud. Yes I made my bud wreath with the monogram "S". Gave myself a huge blister too. And ofcourse we have Bernard and Josh's cycling trophy. I asked him if I could spray paint it silver to match our FHE plaque but he said that would ruin it.