Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red, white and... black?

So the items that make up this outfit I've had for two or more years. the shirt i just found in my bottomless pit of an Ironing box.

purse - military base years ago
pants and shirt - AE with my 40% discount (at the time 2 years ago)
Black blaser - Platos closet in NC
Red Boots - famous footwear day after thanksgiving 3 years ago
earrings - Kohls in NC
OOOO and new red lipstain - loreal "target red" Love it but be prepared for red all day long.
You have to use oilbase makeup remover to get it off.
Lincoln got a hold of it and everyone thought his lower lip and chin were bleeding all day.
I refused to take the time to take it off him until bath time!

love the tux ruffles, make my chest look bigger. lol

I was sad you cant see the details in the jacket. My girlfriend Michele found it and then decided not to get it. I've had it since and havnt worn it. maybe if we move somewhere cooler....
This back pic was suppose to show the ruffle thats in the back of the jacket... oh well.

There are my FAVORITE earrings. One was lost forever and then Sydney found it behind one of the bookcases! YAYA!! I wore them in family pics last year and Heidi got an amazing pic of them. Now I cant seem to find any to top them.
There a close look at the new loreal lipstain. its pretty intense and catches people off guard but I still love it.
And EVERYONE NEEDS RED BOOTS!!!!! I feel like a million bucks in them even thought they were only $20!!! Sexy Sexy Sexy! Love 'em!