Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finally the EASTER post!
We'd have pics of them hunting eggs but it was at 6 am so we just let them go at it and stayed in bed. We'd have pics of them opening their Easter bags but they only slept an hour for nap so Josh and I just gave them the bags and went back to sleep. We'd have pics of their outfits but we bearly woke up in time to make it to church at all. Good thing I had already snapped pics of them in their new cloths.
All in all the pics aren't great but that the life of exhausted parents.

Isaac talking about his Easter bag. Yes we do Easter bags following the tradition of the Sparks family. With the exception that it is a decrotive clear bag not a brown paper bag. That and we didn't hide the bag and make the kids look for it. Although Josh vows to do it next year. He says its a torcher that must continue. He retells the Easter where everyone had foound their bags except for him. Turns out the "Easter Bunny" hide it right next to his head on his bed so when he jumped out of bed he didn't even notice it. He retells the story as if it scarred him for life.

AHHHHH Easter candy! She was pretty excited that her candy looked like a carrot.
Daddy convincing Sydney to share her carrot.

Coloring eggs as a family! Yes I realise how big I am. And that was weeks ago.
Sydney did Tye dye eggs which actually used bags instead of dipping. Perfect for her age.
And of course Isaac had a Spiderman dye pack. All hail Spiderman!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lincoln Thomas Sparks
No he's not here yet but he does have a name.
8 weeks left and counting
What do you think?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

So I'm having a tough time seeing my body change in the past year. I'm committed to being healthy and fit after this baby is born. I know I will never look like I did when I was young (i know I'm still young). I thought I would dedicate a few posting to my past. Mainly
"The way my body use to be"!!
If you consider this vain and sickening then look at someone elses blog for a while until I can update again. Or if you scroll past all the pics of me you can see the post of the babies ultrasound.
Remember you can double click on any pics to get a closer look. I know I did!!
Yep that would be me as a new born. Man I had chubby checks. My mom told me I stayed red like that for ever. And I think I'm about 2 in the pic next to it.
Here I'm 5. Which means Jason is about 3, Jonathon is 8, and Leah about 11. Doesn't my brother Jason remind you of someone. (Isaac).
This was when we were in Texas or on the way to Texas. Pretty sure it was the stopping point on the way to Korea. Yep my mom took us four all by herself from Alabama to Texas by bus and then on to Korea once again BY HERSELF!!
I was 6, Jason 4, Jonathon 9 and Leah 12.

Freshman year. Where we lived at the time the freshmen were top of the junior highs. They didn't come up to the high school until I was a senior. Yes I ran track. No once again I wasn't very good, but I thought I pulled off the look really well. At least I looked like I could have been good. I think I'm 14 int his pick, maybe 15. And look no veins or cellulite!
I think this was my freshman year too. As freshman we were allowed to go up to the high school to participate in sports that our school didn't have. I think I was worse at swimming then I was a track. But again I looked like I could have been good. Man that chlorine fried my hair. But hey theres no makeup in this pic.
Halloween at Office Depot where I worked my senior year and 2 years after. On my way out too church. Yes I was a stake missionary for almost 2 years. And another shot at EFY. Yes I can wear a baseball hat!
Senior Pictures Yep 70s all the way! And that's a shirt my parents wore in the 70s. Not some popular knock off. And the leather blazer is authentic too. That necklace I have on I wore everyday for over a year. The devotion to a missionary that crushed me later in life.
This is James Jong. My best friend in high school. The sweetest guy int he whole school and so patient with me. I knew his feelings for me were different then mine but we both cared a great deal for each other in our own way. He is marring is sweetheart of 5 years on 08-08-08. I wish them all the love and happiness.
EFY! I was staring off at a boy the time my roommate shot this pic. It is definitely one of my favorite. Holy cow was I young!

Yes high school dances! I went to just about all of them and some that weren't even my school. My moms favorite pic is the top one where everyone is dressed immodest except me. And the photographer placed me first. It was a bad night though. I had a chemical burn all over my face and I was really self confident as you can see by my posture.
Park Express!! It was our high school show choir. And we were considered the best in the school. So much fun and a tight nit group, at least my senior year. This was when we performed the medley for RENT. We went to Hottopics and they let us borrow clothing for it. The girls picked my outfit out. It actually suited me really well because I was all 70s back then. And yes that is a belly chain (hemp)! I didn't realize until after the show that you could see my bra in the lights. Oh well it added to the outfit right.
Complete contrast to the modest pic above huh. But it was a costume.
The best thing about being in P EX was that my brother was also in it. He's in the front row with the green shiny shirt and stripped beany.
All I have to say about this is CHECK OUT THOSE LEGS! Tan and fit. Ah college years. This was in Canada with my college choir. My "short shorts" days.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well here he is!!!!
The first pic is a 3D pic. Cool huh! She had a tough time at first because the cord was floating right in front of his face. And trust me his lips don't look that big when they are closed. They look full of collagen here! =) But when we were watching her try to capture his pic we could defiantly tell he has his daddy's lips! I'm very excited about that. He has my family nose, just like Sydney's which she takes after my mom. I love my moms nose!!
He was rubbing his face in to the placenta so we couldn't get a great picture even after the cord moved.
Now the second pic is so special because Isaac did the SAME thing!! The tec and doctor thought it was so cute and when we told them Isaac did the same thing they were really surprised. They do ultrasounds all day and I guess they don't see that. Kind of crazy huh!!
He's also about 3 1/2 pounds, that puts him at 70% for his gestation. I didn't know they did % before birth but it makes sense. They say he'll be a health 7-7 1/2
All said and done he is healthy and Very active.
And as a side note.... if you are in your second third or even fourth pregnancy get a "MATERNITY BELT"
they are miracle workers. With each pregnancy the muscle that secures your back and uterus (supports them) that's it vacation earlier and longer. I wish I had had one of these for Sydney. With this pregnancy I felt like my back was breaking all the time and the pain would send me into contractions. I've had the belt a day and a half and my contractions are more then 50% reduced. I love this thing!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Well we finally got new living room furniture. We replaced our $150 craig's list living room set with clearanced furniture from rooms to go. We also collapsed our end tables and the room is completely open. WE LOVE IT!!!!
Wow what a difference. We also got rid of the 3rd piece which was a chair we kept in the office. As you can see in the 1st picture the office in aria because we were still putting that back together but its beautiful now also. Clean and spacious.
So we have a couch and recliner. Free rug and matching pillows to go with everything. Josh feels like a true man now that he has a recliner. Even if it is sage green. We moved my grandfathers lamps into the office but kept the standing one out in the living room. The corner behind the couch holds a secret play area for Sydney and Isaac and we also keep their bean bags back there when they aren't watching TV. Bean Bags? You Ask? Yes because Josh refuses to have them drink their choc. milk (even w/ sippy cups) on the new furniture. I happen to agree. I'm tired of them ruining everything nice that we have. And they're actually falling in line with the new rules really well. Lets hold our breath!!
Maybe if I can get the videos to down load I'll just make a video of our whole apartment. I've been meaning to do that for a while, but its never all the way clean. Such is life!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First off I would just like to say that I did NOT pose this child. I think its starting to be second nature to him. This is his Easter outfit and Sydney's is below. I did open his jacket in the second pic so you could see the color of the shirt better but the rest of the attitude is ALL ISAAC!!
Isn't he handsome!! Pictures like these make me nervous about teen years. I could totally see Senior girls calling him up when hes just a sophomore.

Sydney LOVES HER DRESS!!!!! It even came with a little doll dress that matches. I love Burlington. Everything was more then 50% less then if I bought it somewhere else. I'm going to make her a really pretty hair bow to match her Ivory shoes which she doesn't have on in this pic. She is going to be so cute on Easter. What am I talking about she already is!!!

So I have a delivery date everyone!!!! If I don't have the baby by May 23rd My doctor will be inducing me. He doubts I'll make it that far and I might ask him to change it to the 21st. That's my mom's birthday. And why not... its two more days earlier!!
There are no words to express how excited I am. Its been a long pregnancy and I still have 12 weeks left. Isaac is pretty excited too. Sydney has no clue or is in total denial. Either way I think its going to be rough for her and everyone else involved. Such is LIFE!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our wonderful new tent!!! I love it. Its got two doors that lead into two rooms whent he room divider is up. At first I thought it would be way too big because its an 8 man tent. But it will be perfect for 3 kids two parents and gear. Well worth the $$. We plan to do a lot of cheap camping in Florida. Maybe the Key next month. =)
I should've snapped a pic of the sunset. Check it out in the background.
I took these first thing in the morning so the lense fogged up a little. But you can see how we have the screened in porch, Very important in Florida. And Josh and I had our mattress in one side and the kids put all their stuff in the other. And there are little matts for the shoes and everything.

Sydney is definitely a daddy's girl but she still loves me too. Here it was getting close to 8 pm and she was pretty beat. Josh is asking her if she's ready for bed and she's thinking about it. Here is Josh with the Greene's baby. I had to snap a pic not only because he's such a cute boy but I can't remember the last baby Josh held that wasn't ours. Maybe Rex, but as far as non family goes I don't know that I've EVER seen him hold another baby. They really got along!
So the fire was too hot at this point to roast marshmallows so Isaac was just putting them on the stick and then eating them. I think he had about 8. Maybe that's what gave him the energy to play capture the flag with the big kids till 9:30. Of course we all know that Isaac doesn't need sugar to give him energy.
And my genius idea of the kem lights worked Beautiful. For just a buck the kids got a great necklace and I could always tell where they were when the were out of the fire lights. And judging on how low to the ground the light was I could tell if it was Sydney or Isaac. I am a genius and we'll be doing that every camping trip now.
Isaac got to hang out with the older boys which he always loves doing. Here they are taking wood from the wood pile to make a fort. And Sydney in the pic below is tyring to help. With all her strength she can't seem to get that piece of wood out of the pile. It was pretty entertaining to watch her persistence.