Thursday, June 26, 2008

Its been brought to my attention that Lincoln did not experience a condition of gonades but of Jaundice! Curse spell check I'll never trust it again!!!!
Second! I can't seem to find my camera. The search has intensified since my parents arrive tomorrow at 6am. I'm confident we will be successful tonight considering we're cleaning the whole house. Yes, Calley I will then update my blog. I really feel the love when I get your emails. No seriously. It means people actually check my blog and are disappointed when its not updates. And yes I check everyone's on a regular basis. Well not in the last several weeks. Sleep deprivation does that to you. You have to be very careful otherwise your kids will end up with a case of gonads instead of JAUNDICE! On that note I sign off for a few days but new posts are on their way.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The trip to the beach with Nana was a huge hit!! They can't wait to take Grandma and Grandpa Love there too.
This is Sydney heading out to help daddy bury Isaac.
And of course her turn to be buried. You can't got to the beach and not be buried. Then you would miss out on all the sand in all the wrong places!
Mitzi freaked out when she walked out into our new back yard and saw 2 iguanas just chilling on our fence and tree. Yup!! You are in Florida! These guys are actually pretty small. Josh is scared of the big ones.

Nana sent us a CD of her pics from the visit. She was extremely impressed by the skill the kids showed at the park. Sydney basically can do just about everything Isaac does. I found out that its because Isaac walks her through a lot. That and they have a lot of practice because we go to the park or a park ALL THE TIME! Its a sanity saver.
How cute is this?!?!
Sydney on her "twink bike". It plays "twinkle twinkle little star" She really is too big for it but is not interested in giving it up anytime soon. And she's super fast on it!
I think this is from his second or third day home. Still has a little gonads to his skin. I think it looks like a great Florida tan.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Josh and Isaac bonding over guitar hero.

Just a short video so you can see Lincoln in action. This was one of the first days he was actually awake for more then feeding and changing. Now he has about an hour in the morning where he has his eyes open.

How beautiful is he?
I think he's already starting to look like his daddy!!
Our Sadie!! I had the impression that my kids were exceptionally good with animals. Well, turns out that their not so hot when its their animal. Every time they would see a dog before they would be so gentle and sensitive. Unfortunately Not so with Sadie.
I have confidence in them and Sadie that they will all find a meeting ground and so far that's what they seem to be doing. They do their best when they are all outside.
Shes won Josh over too with the exception of peeing inside the house. I know she'll do better once we have an actual doggy door.
But all in all she is a total sweet heart and we couldn't ask for a better dog!! And pictures don't do her cuteness justice.

These pics got a little out of order, but I'm sure you all don't mind.
So this was the day Lincoln came home.
Here's the Sparks Family of 5!! Crazy huh!! I'm excited to know that now everyone is here and we're all together.