Saturday, April 25, 2009 BABY!!!!

So these are pre "getting serious" pics. I want to lift and tone my butt. My chest... that's being taken care of. =) Check out my slowly appearing hamstring. And yes I am flexing my arms in the pic below. Don't laugh, they will be changing too.

My tan line make it look like I'm two different bodies. My belly is SUPER white. But hey that comes with wearing a 1 piece. My tummy is ok front he front but I want the ripples to go away. Josh says that diet is the only way to looses that so it might be sticking around for a while. I"m just tring to eat a lot right now. I'll work on what kind of food it is in a little while. I just need calories. I'm hungry ALL THE TIME!

Can't complain too much about my quads and calves. The are the quickest to show some change. But I definitely want to see them bulk and tone more.

I know what you're all thinking... that I have nothing to complain about after having 3 kids. Every one tells me that. But I'd like to walk up my stairs with out being out of breath. And hey..
I live in South Florida. The weathers perfect to perfect your body and show it off
so WHY NOT!!
And it gives me a break from my kids and raises my endorphins to where I actually can have fun with them!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lincoln"s Fan Club

Lincoln loves it when beautiful women talk to him in Spanish and here is why...

Estos son nuestros vecinos de columbia hermoso. Ellos son grandes fans de las 3 de mis hijos, pero sobre todo de Lincoln. Que están aprendiendo Inglés como aprender español. Algunos cómo nos comunicamos muy bien. Existe el uso es el 2 de las familias que viven al lado. Una familia se mudó a cabo, y esta familia también. El tener sólo unos pocos meses. Estoy realmente les va a faltar.These are our beautiful neighbors from Columbia. They are big fans of all 2 of my kids but Lincoln most of all. They are learning English as I learn Spanish. Some how we communicate really well. There use to be 2 families living next door. One family moved out, and this family will too. The have only a few months left. I'm really going to miss them.

And yes I used an English to Spanish translator. My Spanish isn't that good... yet!

Party and the Baudhuin

The Bauduin Preschool is where Isaac goes to school Mon. - Fri. 8-11. Its called VPK or voluntary pre kinder garden. Florida has a program where every child can take advantage of this for FREE. Isaac was able to get in here and LOVES it. He is 1 of 8 or 9 VPK kids and the other 8 are High Functioning Autism. Its an amazing program and the ladies that are in his class are so great. You can feel the love they have for the kids.
Michael and Isaac celebrated bday on the same day even though Michael was today. The kids could bearly contain themselves... 2 cupcakes and 2 goodie bags!!

Miss Sheria is in the pic above and Miss Tiffany is in the pic below. Miss Tiffany is the teacher and Miss Sheria is the ad. They are a perfect team. An amazing classroom and curriculum.
They love all 3 of my kids. I don't care what I have to do I want Sydney in their class the last year we're here.
Love these Ladies!!


Man I think it took all his will power to keep from blowing the candle out before the song was over. I wish I had run the camera just a few more seconds. You miss his super intense face. He went from laughing to consentrating on his wish. It was hilarious.

As crazy as it is.... my first born turned five yesterday.
Here's to Isaac my snuggle bug, never endless energy, intelligent, at times destructive, always intense, always surprising, and loving Isaac.

he stands 47 inches tall
weighs in at 42.6 pounds

his loves : anything active and challenging, the outdoors,
playing with the big boys, tech deck, transformers, and all things 'boy'.

he hates : having to be patient, naps (unless in need of Serious mommy snuggles),
being told he's too small, being excluded, and anything that bugs him at the time (I hate ___ ) in a whinny voice.

I love you Isaac. You always find ways to "help" me grow as a parent and an individual.
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I know... his birthday is tomorrow

After the incident at Chelsey's house Isaac had a tough time. As you read below I told him he only had to wait one more day. His response was "I've been waiting MY WHOLE LIFE for my birthday!" In a very dramatic, only Isaac can do, way. He did come home and eat lunch and then crash for a 2 hour nap. That explained a lot. When he woke up he was still upset about waiting so I agreed to let him open Nanna and grandpa Sparky's gift. Even though it said to wait. Sorry! But the reaction is priceless, as it always is with Isaac.
More to come tomorrow on his OFFICIAL birthday.
I guess I should go out tonight and get birthday stuff huh?!

Tired Whinny Isaac

Man This is sooo classic. My friend Chelsey watched the kids Monday morning (Lincoln and Sydney) so we wanted to do something nice. Of course with the way my life goes it didn't come together till Wed. but that's OK. You see today is her birthday so Sydney and I made her cookies and choc. covered strawberries. But with it being finals week for her she wasn't home. I brought the camera figuring on that happening. That way Sydney wouldn't be to upset and could still sing to her. She practiced all during the baking and had stage fright or something when the camera turned on. And then there's Isaac, who's been "waiting for my birthday MY WHOLE LIFE". He was a little confused being that he was hungry and exhausted. This to me is classic Isaac (when tired and hungry).


Bath and Bed

Yes it does get a little crazy with three in the tube. But its quicker. We usually have Lincoln and Sydney bath first and then Lincoln comes out and Isaac goes in. Sydney and Isaac still love to play in the bath together but we're shortening the time dramatically. I don't need to spell it out do I? I didn't think so.

Our routine is Bath, Teeth, Books, and Bed. It usually goes pretty smooth except that both want to snuggle on mommy at night. Tuesday night I have choir so they snuggle on daddy. How do you snuggle two at the same time? You let them fall asleep in your bed with you between them. And then you move them to their beds when you go to sleep. Why go through all this trouble? Because when you lay down with them they are out in about 5 minutes. You put them in bed and who knows... and besides they won't want to snuggle on us forever. That's what I tell Josh ALL THE TIME! The dangers of snuggling them to sleep? We have a tendency to pass out with them. They're so warm and they little snuggle bugs!!

Its always funny to see how you will find them. Last night was a night where they were EXHAUSTED!! Isaac's gotten to the age where he doesn't move much but as you can see... Sydney has a little while before she stops hogging the bed.
Yes Sydney still wears pull ups at night. I swear that this is going to be the last box (Costco). But I'm sorry it worth my nights sleep to not have to wake up and change her and change her cloths. And NO shes not the kind of kid you can pick out of bed and put on the potty... tried it... seriously BACKFIRED!! We wound up with a melting down 3 year old at 10:30 at night. FUN FUN FUN!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lincoln says Hi!!

I'm pretty sure he knows what he's saying. Its the first thing out of his mouth when he wakes up. You can hear him on the Monitor "Hi, Hi, Hi". You look close you can watch the drool drip from his mouth. Actually you don't have to look very close. His poor swollen mouth. I'll try and get another pic of it so you can see how painful it looks.
But he rarely shows it. The happy little guys!

You know he's 1 next month. Someone told me the other day that "the days go slow but the years fly by." I thought that was a perfect explanation of my life.

Friday, April 17, 2009


So I was on Facebook and someone had posted some old pics from the YSA (Young Single Adult) Days. I was thinking "Man I've got a bunch of pics from back then!"
And here are just a few. Maybe more to come. Because lets face it, its fun to look back. You don't really remember all the heart ache that went with all the learning that happened...
Just the good times!

Seriously... we all look soooooo YOUNG! This was a dinner party put on by a friend of mine. We ofcourse had a blast.
And check out the pre baby body I had!! Man I'd jump me too. My girlfriends and I were joking about how we practice stripping for when we got married. Now I'm married and "YA RIGHT!"

I was in the choir at our Community college and we would go up to Canada once a year. They'd pass it off as a choir tour but all we did was sing at a few schools and a church and then partied in Canada. The drinking age in canada is 18 so everyone would get plastered. Here me and my girlfriend Tauni chugging down our tastey of beverage after a long night of dancing.
Man did I love to dance!
Bit, Ben and Bob came with my family down to the ocean. This was Brits way of toasting his sommore. Pretty inventive and it worked pretty well. I didn't mind the fact that everyone had their shirts off too.

This is Brit asleep with my cat Sandy. You probably dont think much of this pic but its a big deal. you see my cat didn't like any of the guys I dated. I did go on one date with brit. But what you can't see is the fact that his beautiful fiance is sharing the other half of this couch. Once Brit fell in love with Crystal and got ingaged... Brit could do no wrong in Sandys eyes.

AAHHH! Lomax!! We had some fun times! He'll always haved a place in my heart. both Josh and I look back and think of Chris and smile! Can't explain it more then that.
I mean check the pic below. What a character! Gotta love him!

Here are some of the guys hanging out in our garage aka Jonathons room. You see when my brother came home from his mission he made friends with the guys I was dating or had dated. That was a little inconvent but thats life. The pic goes like this..
Josh, Jac (old boyfriend) my brother Jonathon, and Dennis.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shark Valley take 2!

Sydney and her little friend Kayla. Only a month a part in age and best buddies.

Walking up the ramp to the viewing tower. Where you can view a whole lot of nothing. Double click and check out my muscular legs in the making! ignore the whiteness.

Spontaneous family photo. Thanks to the lovely Tracey who is in the picture below.
I guess you'd have to double click to get a good view of her. Love this lady to death. She has a 3 yr old and 19 month old twins. Our husbands spent a year trying to get us together and as soon as they did... it was history in the making. Her husband Steve is in the same graduating class as Josh. They have been a huge blessing of friendship to me.
Love you guys!
PS doesn't Lincoln look HUGE! oh thats because he IS!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

I'm becoming a big fan of sequencing pictures. You really get a better feel for the drama that goes in to getting a family picture. Ridiculous!!

1st Sydney wouldn't stop messing with her crayons and then Lincoln tried to escape and just when everything was perfect (or as close as you can get)... Sadie ran in to the pic and distracted Lincoln. Then Josh called it good and decided we were done.

Now these pics were taken at the church and that was crazy too. We kept these three out of many.

You know I don't realise how much they look like my family or Sydney looking like me until we're in a pic like this. Strong genes Mom.
And I know the bottom one looks like I'm totally posing, head tilt and everything. Years of family picture training kicks in when you get tot he point of wanting to kill someone. Double click and look deep in my eyes... you'll see death there!!

So not planning for anything special for dinner landed us at the Buca on the special Easter Sabbath. Ya when we break the Sabbath we go all out. I know Calley we've been so good. But the Buca was soo good too. Happy Easter to us. Kids were ok and the food was good. couldn't ask for more.

Crazy eyes Sydney here was pretty excited about the collection of Dora books. She's tring too hard to express herself through her eyes.

Also a big hit but also a huge let down was the princess sheet and pillow case the Easter bunny brought her. Bunny got it in the wrong size... toddler bed not twin. ooops!

And what Easter would be complete with out Bakugan. Isaac Tigrerra, figure and ball. Also a new bat and ball with the ever wanted Star Wars on it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We went down to Shark Valley today. And you wouldn't believe what lives in Shark Valley!! GATORS ofcourse. There's no SHARKS in shark valley! Isaac was not happy about that. But the Gators made up for it.
Its a 15 mile loop and the gators are right up on the road. They are so use to humans that we're more annoying to them then anything.
We saw a baby gator crossing and some big Daddy gators sunning themselves in the grass.
We went with our friends Tracey and Steve. Isaac and Lincoln were in our trailer and Kayla and Sydney were in their trailer with the twins on the back of each bike.
Yep that's right 6 kids under 5 and gators. Oh the fun we had!!!
Ignore my pasty legs... its only April!
Amanda... if your reading this now.. I can explain. So my friend Tracey was like.. quick Laura get down and get a pic. I guess she thought I was being wussy and told me to get closer but as I did... he decided he didn't want to be in the picture. He started off to the water. I was laughing b/c a gator didn't even want to be in the picture with me. Talk about a self esteem boost.

These are more pics of the gators just hanging by the road. I was told that if you come during the winter months they are actually in the road tring to stay warm. You have to literally walk or bike around them.
Gotta love Florida!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Trip to the DOG BEACH!!

So Sadie really loves to swim. But the ocean is a different story. She has a hard time with the under tow and the crest of the waves. Give her a pond or a lake any day.
I had to get this basket for Sadie b/c I had to slam on the brakes once and she went flying into the dash. This has a strap that connects to her basket and then to her harness. It makes it easier for her to look out the window. Its funny b/c she'll put her head down on the window sill when we go really fast. It makes her more aerodinamic.
1st pic "I'm so excited I'm going for a ride!"
2nd pic "I'm done!"
3rd pic "I can't believe you put me in the OCEAN!"
She has very expressive facial expressions.

We got to the dog beach about 6 pm and only stayed for 2 hours. But it was enough. And es its in the 80s at 6pm. As you can see by the video the water was perfect. Didn't even suck the breath out of you.

The dog beach is really only a 100 yards long and only on Fri Sat & Sun from 5-9pm. You have to have a permit to bring your dog onto the beach. Once you have that they can roam free as long as they don't make trouble.
Lots of Labs there although you don't see any in the video.
Sadie really did well. After I put her in a couple times she decided it wasn't for her and just waited on the shore for us to come in.

The beach is always a hit for the kids.