Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ok so they do have there bad times when they're at each others throats, but the majority of the time they are best buddies. I walked into the room last night and they were already reading books to each other and getting ready for bed. Its hilarious to hear them talk to each other since Sydney doesn't really talk yet. But they seems to have whole conversations. I only understand Isaacs part in the conversations. I'm starting to catch more from Sydney. Girls really do have a stronger urge to speak then boys!
This is both of them on daddy's lap for story time a couple nights ago. It may look like he's squishing her head but he's not. She laid her head on his lap and he very gently laid his head on hers. Makes me so happy to see them like that. Lets hope it keeps up.
Halloween 2007
Sydney was Dorthy with her ruby slippers and she carried her Ty puppy dog too. Of course I did actually do her hair when we went somewhere.
Below we have Isaac shooting his web out. He's still practicing holding his fingers just right but he tells me ,"its very hard and may take some time." Always in a very serious voice!
I wasn't for buying costumes but Isaac REALLY wanted Spiderman. He wears it ever day.
First thing he said when he put it on was....
"MOM do you want to watch me climb the walls?"
My answer, "I do every day honey!"

You have to click on this pic to get a better view of their facial expressions.

Sydney was very impressed with Isaac's new muscles, as Isaac tries to play it of nonchalantly.

Florida's Wildlife!!
They have the ugliest ducks down here!! Seriously!! They look like mutant ducks!
And they are everywhere, too!
For some reason I imagined beautiful flamingos and cool things like that.
Not mutated ducks.
Don't get me wrong there are some pretty unique wildlife out here and some of it pretty and I have to say the ducks are growing on me. They're very patient with the kids and tend to only poop in certain areas.
But these pictures I found on the web actually make them look pretty!
White Ibis
They are pretty little cranes that are everywhere. In fact they used to be nicknamed the Florida chicken because people used to eat them. There are always flocks of them going through the grass looking for bugs to eat. They really are pretty.

These are Florida's Burrowing owls. They're really little and are endangered. So if they decide to burrow into you yard or a playground for instance... you can't touch them. you have to wait until they decide to move. Crazy huh!
Don't let the picture freak you out... they aren't that big. But they are weird looking huh?!

This is what the spiders look like here. They're called Orb Weaving Spider.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Sydney didn't feel she needed Isaacs coaching.
Man is she CUTE or what?!

This pic of me (oh so flattering with no makeup)was actually taken by Isaac. I was so impressed because he even coached me on where to put my hand and tilt my head. Yeah I know I'm looking pretty thin. But not for long. Soon I'll have that baby weight that I love.
For those who don't know me really well that is not sarcasm, I do love baby weight.


What can you say about pics like this!!! Yeah to the $1 store because she loves this hat!
I think you can see Josh's blood in her with these pics too!
The picnic table on the porch... thank you Grandma Love.
This screened in porch keeps me sane!!!
Isaac loves these orange short mom!

It amazes how much they can look like me and then the next pic they look like Josh!

James Pendley... Proud father of FOUR!!!
Miss Madelin Pendley 7 lbs. 10 oz. arrived October 2nd, with lots of RED hair.
Ev is very excited!
And don't you just love Amanda's hair that short. I know I do!!
Feel free to click on the link to your right to see more of the Pendley family. They are all just as CUTE!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Its official. Two lines on the test told us that I'll be expecting our third. I'll be due 1st week in June which means I'll probably have the baby in May.
Isaac was excited only after I explained that we wouldn't be giving away or trading Sydney, but that he would have an additional sibling. "Oh, good because I love Sydney too much to trade her." He's decided a baby brother is what he wants. I haven't even tried to explain anything to Sydney but we will work really hard on calling her Sydney instead of baby.
Josh is excited too. This pregnancy was planned and agreed on by us both. He's doing well in school and he says its not nearly as hard as he thought it would be. All in All everything is well. Looks like we'll have to pull the bench up in the back of the Van.
We're spending the weekend in Naples so I should have some great pics next week.
Till then....