Sunday, November 14, 2010

Art in the Park

They have a little festival in Plantation every year. They set up a stage and a bunch of booths for people to sell their art. On the stage they have people from the community come and perform. The 1st grades from tropical were able to go a recite a turkey poem.Isaac did a great job and had fun. After his poem we got snow cones and sat down to watch a dance troupe perform Hip Hop. Isaac has been in Hiphop dance class now for about 3 months and LOVES it! After their dance numbers were over they asked if anyone from the audience would want to come out and dance with them. Isaac and sydney put their hands up right away and were chosen.
they joined the circle and like the days of Jr. High dances different people took turns going into the circle to show their stuff. Sydney once she figured out what was going on decided she didnt need that much attention. lol She came and sat with me. But when they chose Isaac to go in he had absolutely no reservations.
I was said I didnt get a video but a pic will have to do.
He was pretty impressive. Intense and Impressive.