Friday, November 12, 2010

Real Simple Style Quiz

Copy and paste this into your browser and you can take this quick quiz. It helps you understand what your style is.
I have two styles that I gravitate towards. The first one being..

Sophisticated Classic

An elegant blend of refined traditional furniture, jewelry-like accessories, and pale hues. Patrician old-world elements pair with cleaner Art Deco shapes. The look evokes a more formal lifestyle. Think Grace Kelly, Tiffany & Co., and Charlotte from Sex and the City.


  • Delicate furniture pieces with feminine lines and tapered legs.
  • A palette of neutrals and soft colors.
  • Grand chandeliers.
  • Luxurious fabrics, like silk and velvet.
  • Rich dark woods with polished veneers.
  • Luxe accent materials, including metal, marble, and glass.
  • Symmetrical floor plans.
This pics a little too cluttered for me but this is the pic they had on the site.
the Second..

Cozy Casual

A warm, traditional look made for relaxing with family and friends. Draws on English and early-American furniture designs, as well as laid-back country, cottage, and farmhouse styles. Weathered, low-maintenance furnishings are easy, inviting, and built for daily life. Think golden retrievers, fuzzy slippers, and just about any movie by Nancy Meyers.


  • Plush upholstery, often slipcovered, with roll or square arms and skirts or ball feet.
  • Indestructible tables with turned legs, trestles, or substantial pedestal bases.
  • Warm wood tones with rustic or distressed finishes.
  • Natural fabrics, like cotton and wool.
  • Solid textiles, simple stripes, or unfussy florals in muted colors.