Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Isaac's "So you think you can dance!" video

This goes out to the Soptich family.
They seem to think they have a singer in the family... or something!
Yes he choreographed it and everything. You may think he is scantily clad but this was "easier to dance in". He is an all around dancer. Do try to put him in a slot, he covers them all!
And to Summer, "This is how you shake your hip!"

Saying bye to mom and dad!

It was a good trip and we had lots of fun! Can't wait to see you guys again!

My sexy man!! I love the scruff! Yummy!

One night when Lincoln was having a tough time sleeping! So we had some snuggle time and he went back to bed. Of course Sadie wasn't having sleeping issues at all!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I know I'll get around to typing in the captions here soon... maybe! At least theres pics!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Publix Family Fitness Weekend

My second Tri!!
400 yard swim in open ocean
9 mile bike on A1A
1.7 mile run

The run was pretty short, just one time around the park. But the transition area was also in the park so we had to run a good quarter of a mile from the beach to the transition.

Poor Lincoln has an ear infection, is constipated, and has a temperature.
So after I raced Josh took mom and dad (my parents visiting from WA) and the kids home. Mom and Dad came back for Isaac's race. They made it 5 minutes before he started. YAY Grandma and Grandpa!!

Below is a pic of me a Rich. husband of one of the AMAZING women I get a chance to hang out with. Chelsea also raced with us but we couldn't find her for a pic. Rich was pretty disappointed. It was his first Tri and he was in the first timer division. He took 4th!! I was pretty impressed, but if he had been with his age group he would have taken 2nd.
I was just excited to have some one else to race with. He finished 17 minutes in front of me and started after me. I was surprised that they had men mixed in with the women. The whole organization of this TRI WAS HORRIBLE!! Everything from picking up the packet to the traffic on the bike route to Isaac's race.
The only thing I can say about it was they had GREAT food after!

Isaac's Race

Oh Isaac! He makes friends in minutes and has them for LIFE! This is Connor. They met in the sand under the volleyball net.
Come race time they met up again to increase their friendship bond!

These are the older boys Isaac decided were SOO COOL! He had the great idea of marking his legs and arm like me so I took the marker to the older kids and marked them up too. It was soo cute! So they seperated the 4-6 year olds from the older kids and sent the younger ones first.
Can you see Isaac and Connor to the left stretching in preparation for the race. =)

Isaac doing a GREAT job of listening to the instructions. Josh thought it was funny how all the little boys were playing with themselves! I guess its hard for little boys to concentrate unless they have the security. So funny.

And off they go! He was kind of in the back of the pack and he also had a tumble but jumped right back up again. Into the Transition area he went, got his bike and pushed it out and up to the road. Followed directions and off he went.

He was so focused. I don't even think he knew I was there. They went just out of sight and turned around cones and came back.
So I was waiting around waiting for the group to come back and here comes Isaac, flying up from behind the 1st person (a girl). I had to rush to get my camera out of sleep mode. I did not expect him to be in the front like that!

He hit the transition area and dropped his bike and helmet. He was so tired but you can see the determination in his face. He came in second and I couldn't have bee prouder. I was most proud of him listening and following directions so well.

Anyone who knows Isaac knows how smart he is but also know how active and distracted he can be. Although when you think he's not paying attention is when he's absorbing the most.

Definetly one of the cutest fo the bunch. Man is he going to be a looker.
The little girl in the front with the pink shorts came through last and was so cute! You can see she took a tumble too and I had to help her get her bike (with training wheels) up to the road. She was all smiles coming through the finish and EVERYONE cheered!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mom and Dad's new upgrades!

These are their new living room furniture. Yes living room has living room furniture not llawn furniture! =) They found these at the military base marked down because they were models.

Mom has always been a woman who thinks outside the box so when she saw these kitchen cabinets clearanced out at home depot she thought bedroom. They are trimmed in black so she trimmed up her old bedroom set (and I mean old like 30 years old) and know it looks almost like a match set. I love her bed with the black trim. It puts a modern edge so it looks retro chic.
My mother is an amazingly creative woman... gotta love her.
And her husband who supports her ideas!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Over view of a daily work out

So I use to give my older brother a hard time about exercising. I thought he was obsessed with his muscles. He'd stand in front of the mirror and flex the different muscles he was developing and show me the new ones that had started to show. I thought it was ridiculous.
Now that I am exercising I have caught the fever. I'm in front of the mirror asking Josh what the name of each muscle is because I can actually see them! =)
I know they are not as big and impressive as some other people, but as I said... You can see them and thats a huge difference for me!!
I loved this pic because you can see the work I have been doing on my back and delts!
Sooooo Coooool!!!!
Jonathon I take back anything and everything I ever said growing up.
At least on this subject! =)
Josh took us out to Weston for our bike workout. We had to bike for 30 minutes that day. I went 6 miles and Josh managed 9 miles. He pushes himself so much more then I do, but I'm getting there. He found a sweet park so he watched the kids while I biked and then i took over while he did his ride. It worked great except for the mosquitos!
Sydney snapped this shot while I was stretching and pushing Lincoln. Whats great about our camera (one of many things) is that you can edit while its still in the camera. So even a shot by a 3 year old turns out great! Below is Lincoln enjoying his juice and swinging.

Sydney has hit a stage where all she does is silly faces. She either doesn't let you take a pic or does something like this.

Oh Isaac! I showed my friends an old video of Isaac climbing up a chair and into the kitchen sink. He wasn't even 2 years old.
As you can see... he hasn't changed a bit!
Dang it! I just erased the pic I was typing about. It of Isaac on top of the playground. I'll have to post it later!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I added a few quotes from the kids on my "out of the mouth of babes"

Josh added a map to my blog to let me know where people are when they view my blog. Didn't know I knew anyone in Singapore, Austria, or Japan. Hi to Troy in Dubai, and jealous of those in Hawaii!!! Canada? Don't know anyone there? Maybe I do!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Under Water Camera

Isaac diving. I'd call them diving sticks but they're balls with flags attached.
Isaac is a regular little fish!
This camera is so awesome!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles!

Every 4th Pine Island Park has a foam pit. The fire dept. comes out and shoots out this HUGE amount of foam for the kids to jump around in. Last year it was a big hit but this year we played in the foam for all of 15 minutes.
Sydney wasn't too excited! I think the kids were wiped out from the parade. They had the fire engine parked next to the foam pit so the kids could wash off.