Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning

Monday, December 27, 2010

The First two Days of our Disney Tour!

The first day we went to Animal Kingdom and the next to Hollywood Studios.

If you run your mouse over the pic the caption will pop up. That is if I've put one on yet!

Two Days at magic Kingdom!

And it was Magical!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A year in Review

Lets see... How did 2010 start?
Points to type about later

isaac and sydney run 1/2 mile race
Isaac starts meds fight with teacher
isaac turns 6
lincoln turns 2
visit NC and Isaac crashes - got to get away - andlyn
family pics with Heidi
My boot
sydney's dance show
Sydney got her tubes in
another NC trip sadie and aunt tellie
beach pool zoo
start adderall
start refubishing furniture
10 years baby!!
busch gardens
sydneys photo shoot
say goodbye to krissie
get to see AJ divorce
so sick
year of learning crafts fashion and friends
Wow this will be a long post

ran my 1/2 marathon - The ING is 13.1 miles long and takes you through Miami. It was about 73 degrees when we started at 6:30 Not to mention humidity!
Josh had signed up but never started training so he gave his tag to a friend of ours and He ran it for Josh. It took me over 3 hours. But come to find out later I was running with a stress fracture and would later spend most of my summer in a boot and pay more then $1000 in medical bills! Ya me!
Sydney turned 4 - Yep my baby girl turned 4 years old! We had her cute little friend come over and they had a great time. I made them IceCream Cone Cupcakes! It was a good day.
The Big Race Day
Monkey Joe's - lincoln turns Two

My pretty puppy...

Trying to break out of my comfort zone!

Skinney AE jeans $10
Aeropostle button up $2
AE vest $15
Vinyl flower I made
payless flats $5
oh and green tank $4
I usually only wear these jeans with Boots so it was really hard for me to wear them with flats. I see girls all the time in skinny jeans and flats but for some reason it was too much of an 80s thing for me. But here they are. I think they kind of make me look squaty but oh well.
OK so I've always been a matchy matchy girl. I mean not too matchy. I have a hard time wearing blue tops with jeans. I know go figure.
Well, I've been reading this Interior design book and the last chapter I read was about mix patterns. I read these cute blogs where the girls are super creative with what they wear and I'm always envious.
My girlfriend Michael was always trying to get me to branch out. "If your going to buy a hat buy the orange one, not the beige one. The beige on just looks like your covering up a bad hair day but the orange one looks like you wanted to wear a hat!"
I bought the orange one (AE baseball hat) and it was by far my favorite hat.
She also taught me that you can pull off anything if you believe you can.
So heres my attempt at a non matchy day. It took a lot for me to not wear a white wife beater under this whole thing. lol
These are just pics that I took so I could actually see what my hair looked like since my kids busted my "back of the head" mirror. It was a bad hair day and my style is at a point where it wont go up but it didnt want to be down. So heres my half way.
My cute little payless flats. But man do my feet miss my orthotics by the end of the day. My mother put me in my 1st set of heels when I was 14 years old.
I'm now embracing the youthful feeling of flats!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Look what i came home to??!!

I came home tonight from taking Sydney to a bday party to find this little gem waiting for me!!!
This has been on my list of projects forever. But as you know lists like that rarely get done. Its more like a dream wish list then anything.
Anyway I walked into the house and immediately laid eyes on this cute little bag. It had my name all over it! Well not really but it was obviously for me and it MADE MY WEEK!!!
My dear creative, talented and crafty friend Jessica left this for me. Man I love that Lady!
I'm stoked to wear it this next weekend in Walt Disney World. Yep its gonna be cold! int eh high 60s to low 70s. Perfect hand made ear warmer weather!
I love the brown and lovelovelove the flower!!
Jessica you never cease to amaze me from your mothering to you creative outlets to your forgiving nature. yes I said your forgiving nature. You are always striving to be a better person and you love, support and lift those around you!
Love you and Thank you for thinking of me!
I'm totally gonna be working this next time you see me!!!


So is it horrible that sometimes the only reason I go to church is b/c I can dress and feel like a normal person? It hasnt been that bad lately b/c of the effort I've been putting into my everyday. But seriously there were times where that was the only reason for getting up and dragging my family to church.
Today I wore one of my target clearance finds. Actually I bought a bigger size off the clr rack and then ordered the smaller size online. You see the online dress wasnt clearanced so I was able to return the bigger size at the store and kept the smaller size. Make sense?
For some reason this color seemed very festive to me today.
I wore my favorite black high heels which I paid full price for on Target.com 3 years ago.
I also busted out my black fish nets. For a long time Josh wasnt too keen on me wearing these to church... too sexy. But once I saw some one else wear them... LUCY!
Paired with a conservative outfit I dont see them as that big of a deal.
I love these earring I got at Kohls the day after Thanksgiving. I grabbed them b/c they will go perfectly with the purple dress I plan on wearing to the graduation dinner! But hey turns out they match a BUNCH of different stuff!

Dont look too closely or you will se that I didnt Iron the dress. It still has the folds form shipping. lol Because thats how I roll. lol
Anyways... I do love the simplicity of this dress. Its super comfy and 50s style I love.
The ruffles on the chest add just enough shine to make the dress not boring!
Because there can be a fine line between simple and boring.
And one NEVER wants to be BORING!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Gotta love this pic

This is Isaac watching Spiderman after school one day. I guess the mask adds to...
He's been carrying a bag around lately with his Spiderman costume in it.
He even tried to come down stairs ready for school but with his costume under his cloths.
Right because that wont cause any distractions in class.

And above is one last "sick"pic before we officially move on! Oh Lincoln and Sadie were in heaven. I was too weak to put up a fight anyways!
Notice the raisins and cheezits. Evidence of self sufficiency by the kids!
They limb up on the couch, through the window into the kitchen and onto the counter so they can get into the snack cabinet.
Good for them!!


After being on Antibiotics since Sunday... Today was the first day I felt like myself again. Seriously there was a huge difference just from last night to this morning.
I went to the cookie exchange (which was awesome! I'm inviting everyone to my cookie exchange for next year, where ever we are)
and therapy last night with no make up on and in sweats.
And you know what.... THATS OK!!!
The last week has been all about survival. Sometimes life is just that way. I was so proud of my 3 children for being self sufficient enough to sustain themselves on chips and Halloween Candy while I was so sick! I slept in till about 10:30 every day and they saved all their fights for when I woke up. I couldnt be prouder of my little bunch!
Gotta Love them.
As it stands everyone is pink eye free and I feel better everyday!
So here's to doing my hair for the 1st time in a week! (except for pics last Sunday).
You know they say you can tell how well your feeling by your hair. Even on Sunday it was tired and flat. nothing I did could get it to fluff or shine.
Today on the other hand... It looked FABULOUS!!! (in sing song voice)So these jeans officially are too big for me now. I can literally pull them down with out undoing them! So frustrating. The work of MONTHS lost in days!
I hate feeling weak. I was all excited to show my parent (coming in 8 days) the strong healthy me, and now I feel like the woman I was for most my marriage.
Sick, thin and weak. I'm not completely back to square one but close.
I'll give myself till after Christmas to rest and get healthy, then its time to set new goals and get working again!
I know no one wants to hear this so just dont read it then.
Its my blog and I'm going to vent about what I want.
Sherpa vest Old Navy $5 clr
AE orange tshirt $8
AE jeans 40% off
And OF COURSE my favorite earrings!
And since my hair turned out so nice I decided to try makeup.
Some summer Bisque under the eyes and a light dusting of foundation powder.
I used a peachy blush on my cheeks and eyes.
Lined my lids in navy liner and put on some mascara.
Ignore the zit scab on my lip or pretend its a beauty mark! lol
A little lip stain (love that stuff) and thats it.
Didnt have time for much else but
its amazing how much color you have when your not
so sick you have to numb your throat just so you can take your antibiotics!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

In case you havnt seen these yet...


copy and paste this into your browser

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wow that was really easy! If I could figure out how to type commentary and embed the video that would be even better. And if I could figure out why my new camera wont load to you tube!

Cant remember when I was this sick

As long as i have medicine in me I can manage butas you can see...
As the meds wear off...
No amount of makeup or wardrobe changes can cover this up! Seriously i think i've lost 3 pounds! All that work lost in a matter of 5 days!

The first shots released from our photo session yesterday!