Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sydney and Isaac ran their race today! 1/2 mile run. This was Sydneys first race and Isaac's second. Isaac did a duathlon last summer (run, bike, run). They both finished strong.
Sydney did come in a minute or two ahead of Isaac. She was focused and consistent. Qualities Isaac is working on. I'm so proud of them both!
I love it how Sydney's shirt read "play girl". It really says "play like a girl". She reminds me so much of my niece Sam, even the way she crinkles her nose when she smile!
Sorry Sam, your still four years old in my mind. I miss you!
Below is Isaac's infectious smile! You cant help but smile back.
Everyone is at the starting line.
I have NO IDEA what they are debating about!
Heres Sydney focusing on the instructions and hyping herself up. SHE WAS READY!
And Isaac... well he is pretty CUTE!

Lincoln and Dad were teamed up while I had Photo duty. Actually jos didnt really get a choice at to what he got stuck doing.

Here comes Sydney. Josh says she looked like she could've done a 5k. And he was right. She was weaving in and out of people (I thought she might have gotten tips from Rich B.).
She's a great little runner. Steady pace the whole time, focused and determined. Isaac is more like me... sprints and then has to walk.
Sydney crossed the finish line and I thought I had missed isaac some how. But after a bit he came down the course smiling away. Took a little detour to run up some stairs and jump some bushes. But finished strong.
And here are the two racers drinking their complimentary waters
and showing off their metals.
Lincoln helped himself to the bananas. Sydney out weighs him by a little over a pound.
This was the big hit for Lincoln... the fountain.
His squealing was sooo loud. And of course we as his parents knew he was excited but I could see how other people might be confused.

He loved it!
They had a bounce house and a rock climbing wall set up for the kids. But between that and the run... Isaac was ready for a melt down. I know he doesnt look it in this pic but...
Below is Sydney taking her turn. She so tiny. Some times I forget. But "Din-omit comes in small packages". She's really come into her own in the past few months.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 kids, 2 kites, and 1 dog....

I found these great kites at Costco. The great thing about them besides being inexpensive... the poles cant come out and get lost. They have a spacer so they cant fall out. You pull them out of the hole but they dont leave the kite so you can collapse them.
Anyways... we had planned to hit the beach with the kites as a whole family but Josh hurt his back. We all know kids dont understand things like that so off we all went minus daddy.
i was a little apprehensive but we made it there and back and had fun!

After trying for a while to get the kites in the air, we drew a crowd, a couple guys decided they were going to try and help. Such nice guys too! Isaac even helped himself to one guys shoes! "Now I look like a rock star too!!!"

The guys didnt have any more luck then we did getting them up in the air, but it was fun watching them play with the kids.

It actually turned out to be a good thing that josh didnt come with us. He freaks out with all the sand and would not have been happy with the kids buring themselves in it.

Sadie LOVES the beach but HATES the water. Since we werent going in the water she was a content doggie! Its good excersice just having her walk on sand considering she sinks 1/2 way up her little legs! She's such a pretty puppy!

Sydney taking her turn being buried. And below we have the two buddies. Lincoln is similiar to Sadie in that he LOVES the beach but HATES the water. So I never have to worry about him going in when I'm not looking. And he loves dogs so its great fun for him and Sadie to meet all the dogs at the beach.

Sydney's Pinwheel Garden

Yes she named it herself.

Sydney's Birthday

OK How sad is that that its March and I havn't blogged about Sydney's birthday yet! So here are some pics I hope to fill in some commentary soon, but you all know how good I am at that!