Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Alligators

Disney Princesses on Ice

The National Anthem by the "Nova Singers"

Singing the at the Marlins game

South Beach Triathon

Hanging out at home and at the kids fair

Taking Nannah to the beach

Lincoln LOVES this fountain. He's not too keen on the ocean but will spend hours at the fountain across the board walk from the beach.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What a Beautiful Baby!!

Bath time is so much funner when you have the bath to yourself!
The pic below is my Favorite face he does!! I think it is the cutest thing ever.

My work is never done...

My husband is wonderful when it comes to washing clothes. but he hates to fold. He can spend all day washing and drying but then when it comes time to fold....
I've got my laundry under control now though. I have it separated into different days. That way I'm only doing or maybe two loads a day. Darks on Monday, lights on Tuesday, ect. its working out great. Now piles of laundry yet.

Below is a picture of a recipe night that I threw. It was out of pure desperation b/c I'm so tired of my old recipes and thinking about what to cook. Actually pretty much tired of anything that had to do with food... buying, cooking, ect.
So I put the invitation out on Facebook and had a huge turn out. Missy was amazing and set us up with a blog. So now everyone can log on and post different recipes and we can try them all out. I love!! Its Check it out.

More pics from North Carolina

These are from Nannah's camera in no particular order....

Hello Blue eyes!

Nanny!!! This is Josh's Grandmother, Nanny. She is an amazing lady. She's getting close to 90 and still hops on a plain to fly across the US to see her daughter, grandkids, and greatgrandkids. She lives life to the fullest and is such an example to me.
Love you Nanny!

My motherinlaw, Mitzi, thought this pic was so funny. If you double click on it and look at the book that is beside me you'll understand why.
Just another morning of chatting with my son. Actually he doesn't really get all that much one on one attention. Sad but true.

Its nice to know that my husband knows how to do so many things. He and his brothers helped to put the drywall up in a down stairs room. Matt wound up throwing his back out when they were ripping the carpet up. Or maybe it was whe they went to the dump. But he was in bed for a solid 2 days afterward. Not much fun!

Believe it or not (below pic) this is Isaac and Sydney playing ponies. We were all laughing at how ghetto it was that they using packaging for ponys. But on the on the other hand.. how creative. So Mitzi drew a tail on one side and a horse head ont he other and off they went.