Sunday, April 24, 2011


More Face Painting

So we use to have to go out to Cooper City every Tues and Thurs for dance. But now Love bug is taking her class on tuesday also. She has hers at 4 and Love bug has his at 5.
Makes for a long afternoon for my and Hugga bug but its better then driving the extra 16 miles on Thurday also. That also put me out of the house 2 nights a week. So no dinner was made then. Now that is just tuesday... we hit up Chickfila about 6:30. They always have a craft for the kids and buy an adult meal and get a kids meal free.
Then we just take them home and put them to bed.
Strawberry the clown is the clown in Davie and she's only there once a month. We miss Bella. She is so much faster and way more focused then Strawberry. But She's in sunrise and Strawberry is in Davie so you get what you get.
Cant complain.

Isaac's birthday!!

So we started Snuggle-bug's bday celebrations on early. Since there was no school Friday I had to go in on THURSDAY. You go into the cafeteria and give the cupcakes out there.
Besides my bug there were 3 other bdays that day.

We spent Friday at the Hollywood beach. Had a blast with Amy and her kids. We were there from 11 to almost 3. long day at the beach. I got snuggle bug a skim board before we went.
It doesnt work so well on Hollywood b/c the waves break on a sand hill, but he'll rock it at Seaside this August!

We planned the party for Saturday at the splash pad in Plantation.
Unfortunately Azac got his invitations out before us so most of his class went to his party. His friend Matthew came and of course cutie Lina was there (She thinks Isaac is so handsome). My friend Michelle brought her little boy Jaxson. And Mari our neighbor came.
I was crushed because the splash pad was shut down and robed off. We brought some h2o balloons but not enough. They blew through them in less then 2 minutes. Big Isaac was out hero when he showed up with a bunch!
I was really disappointed in the party. And thats an understatement.
But Snuggle bug had fun and didnt seem to mind.
His party was from 11-1 and love bug had to be dropped off at another party at 1:30.

My 2 older bugs and I hit up Azac's party.
A TRUE Florida bday party. Huge bounce house, lots of food and alcohol, cake and pinyotta.
they also had relay games with prizes.
No one would be Love bugs partner so I wound up doing a race with a h2o balloon pressed between our foreheads. Too bad no wanted to team up with her b/c we won.
She got Moxi Girl makeup. I had no idea what it was but she was seriously stoked!
Snuggle bug spent a good amount of time in the tree with his cutie friend named Mia.
me "she's a cute girl..." Snuggle bug "ya REALLY CUTE!"

It started at 4 and we left at almost 7... they still hadnt cut cake or done the pinyotta.
Both bugs got serious goody bags and a party mix CD on top of that.
A very long fun filled Birthday!

Saturday, April 16, 2011