Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eric and Michelle Brown came to visit us this weekend. It actually wasn't just to see us. Eric ran the 1/2 marathon in Miami. We're all very proud of him, he trained for months and I believe he met the time he wanted, or close.
Isaac had to learn about doing your best and not just coming in first. "Eric's going to win the race huh mommy!" I tried to explain things to him but it didn't quit sink in until we got to the finish line and he saw all the runners in front of Eric. "Eric didn't win mommy but he still got a trophy!" He was really excited and it was a great trip to Miami and a nice weekend thanks to Michelle and Eric.
Sydney was a joy all morning. NOT! She has her days and this was one of them. Too tired to eat anything (or teeth hurt) but not wanting to be held. She didn't like the instability of the monorail all that much so she fussed the whole time. I'm embarrassed to say that yes we still have to carry a pacifier with us for emergencies such as these. Josh wants her off by her birthday... RIGHT! She actually did ok as long as there was someone to tell her how cute she was and she could play up too. At this moment the monorail was pretty empty.
Isaac of course was THRILLED with the monorail and enjoyed every minute. He listened extremely well the entire morning and didn't run off once. A far cry to a few years ago. What am I saying ... a few months ago =)!!! Turns out that the monorail is free on the weekends so if its a bit chilly the homeless just go round and around in it. Good times.
This is Isaac on the way out. Getting a little tired and he did have a small melt down shortly after. But the morning was truly a success for Isaac. I was so proud!

So yes the rumor is true. Laura went out and bought a bouncy house. Josh was in Chicago and the kids were going crazy. I was cramping pretty bad and couldn't imagine the idea of going to the park. I was also imagining the upcoming summer stuck inside because of the heat. Yes, Katie we still have about 3 months were its pretty unbearable to go outside, sometimes too hot for even the pool. So in an irrational moment we went to toys r us and got a bouncy house. We (me) had actually wanted on for Christmas but continued to talk ourselves out of it. Of course by now I couldn't find the smaller one we had once wanted to purchase. So here it is.

The slide is Sydney's favorite part.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Okay, so here I am at 22 weeks. Straight out in front. I can't explain how uncomfortable I am. That's usual with pregnancy but I'm not use to it this early.
I think I might be more like a basketball then I was with the other two.
And why the turtleneck, in Florida? I was actually going out at night and it was a little chilly. I took the opportunity because this is one of my favorite maternity pieces I have.
Sorry for the bad posture.
For those of you who might be coming to visit us anytime soon... this is our new air mattress. So you will be able to sleep in comfort instead of on a deflating camp mattress. Also with 600 thread count sheet. Ya! Even I'm jealous.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I know Calley said that old pics & videos don't count as updating your blog but i think she'll appreciate this one. I love this little girl and hate the fact that we're so far away. But she still cracks me up even all the way from Washington.

I love the way you think her hair is sticking up because of the jump up until she stops and its still sticking straight up. I've also so noticed in some other blogs, that you in Wymount have embraced the "jerry rigging" of Johnny Jump Ups! Good for you!!

So true to my life! Thank you Nanny for sending it!
The only difference here is that Isaac is the oldest and Sydney the youngest!
Double click on pic to read better.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

YES!!! after 7 1/2 years of sleeping on a queen bed with Josh (fearing every night that I would be awaken by an elbow to the face or almost being rolled off the bed in my sleep)
Now we are sleeping on a KING!
"I'm in HEAVEN, I get carried away!
You see Josh likes to sleep in the middle of the bed with his hands behind his head. That leaves me a little bit of room on the edge. Which use to be fine but with my belly getting bigger, I don't want it hanging off the side. With nocturnal confrontations becoming to frequent to ignore.
Josh picked out the bed frame. I'm glad we go it because it took me away from the ever tradition look I try to enforce on Josh.
There's no way to put in to words how big a king bed is.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Its a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes we are very excited!! I wanted this baby to be a boy soooo bad.
Don't hold this next comment against me later in case I do change my mind but I'm 90% or more sure that we're done with 3. I really feel that Isaac needs a brother. Everything in me says that Sydney will be fine being the only girl.
We do need suggestions for boy names. They are sure much harder then girl names.
Thank you to everyone for a wonderful Christmas and giving us the opportunity to get our family a year long zoo pass and a trip to the CIRCUS!!!
Before the circus actually starts you can go down into the ring for a close up and personal view of the circus itself. We got to watch the elephant paint, Meet clowns, See the tight rope act and more. The kids would've been fine if we left after that considering they thought that was the circus. They did enjoy the show to for the most part.

Josh bought Popcorn and Sydney was in heaven. They make you chuck all food out of your bag before you enter the arena. Luckily I knew that already from American Idol auditions. Isaac was on the edge of his seat for most of it. But got a little burnt out after intermission.
Sydney snuggled on her dad a good portion of the show. I think it was a little too stimulating for her, really bright and loud. She was beat too even though she had a nap and it was 3:30 in the afternoon. I forget how much teething wipes kids out.

Isaac was really excited to see a REAL DRAGON. He actually thought this statue was the exhibit, so he was even more thrilled to see the real thing. Although we had to explain to him the reason it wasn't 'coughing fire' from its mouth. Also I had NO idea those guys were that BIG. They're HUGE!

We finally made it to the giraffe feeding station only to find out that the giraffes weren't hungry. It didn't phase Sydney though. She stood there for a good 5 minutes talking to them anyways. We sat at the bottom of the giraffe exhibit and ate lunch, As we were getting ready to leave we heard the zookeeper yell down to us that they were hungry now.
Check out her curls!
So we were eventually able to feed the giraffes after all and let me just tell you how thrilled these kids where. Heck I thought it was the coolest thing EVER! These animals are huge and to be that close and have them eat out of your hand was crazy.
Isaac learned the first time that even if your not that close the giraffe has a tongue long enough to reach the food anyways. So the second time he stretched out a little further.
Both Sydney and Isaac are thrilled any time the see anything "giraffish" now, picture, stuffed animal, statue, anything.
It was worth the weight.

This is a game called Elefun. The kids love it. And Josh shows a true example of fatherhood in this video.

So we have few pics on Christmas morning but we do have a video. Isaac opening his Race track. Sydney we had a problem with her only wanting to play with one toy. I think in this one she's actually migrated to the puzzles Grandma & Grandpa Love sent.

Toward the end of this video you see me give up and I start letting Issac open Sydney's gifts also. He was really great about it and got really excited for her. He was never confused about which ones were her and which ones were his.

A little behind on the pics sorry. But here's our cute little Christmas tree. I redecorated it on Christmas Eve after the kids went to bed. I couldn't stand having all the ornaments on one branch. And thanks to family this Christmas was a lot bigger then we originally thought it was going to be.
Sydney in her cute Christmas dress from Grandma Love. I was wrong they do where velvet in Florida. She's zoning out to the TV in this pic.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Well, I'm going to steal Melanie's idea and blog my Christmas card.
Thank you to the Loves, Soptichs, Fetters, And Willis family for the Christmas Cards. Beautiful families, and what a handsome baby BOY Jen!
I had all the intention of sending cards out but it didn't happen obviously.
As for the year update... We started the year off in BYU housing in Provo, UT.
I loved it there and get homesick on a regular basis.
Josh graduated BYU in April and we set up camp in My parents house for the summer. So that put us in Lakewood, WA.
We had a great summer playing with the neighbors dog and chatting with great grandma across the street. And it was truly a blessing to see my parents be able to form a relationship with my children.
We then set out for Ft. Lauderdale, FL, for Josh to start Dental school. He actually left WA a week before we did. He swung by Logan, UT to pick up our things from my in laws garage and also his brother Eric. With our mini van in tow the two set out for Florida.
The kids and I followed on an over night plan ride. Later I found out Sydney had an ear infection the whole time and that would be why she didn't sleep at all on the plan. Good times!
Josh is doing well in school. He leaves at about 7:30 every morning and makes it home about 5:00. We have dinner together and have some family time. He helps put the kids to bed and then starts to study. Some nights he's free but mostly he studies. He's thinking about going an extra year of schooling that would allow him to keep more work instead of shipping out. Things like braces, wisdom teeth, and such. I'm okay as long as its what he wants. He's such an intelligent man and succeeds in everything he does, including being a husband and a father!
He's also the assistant scout master for our ward. That takes up his Tuesday nights. One of my favorite nights as I'm left to put the kids down by myself. He's in charge of the 11 year old and getting them ready for the transition to real scouts. He's determined to be a good leader to make up for the crap he gave his leaders in his ignorant youth.
I'm pregnant with our 3rd child and due at the end of May. That alone should tell you about my days. But in case you don't know, I'm in bed before 9 pm every night and exhausted through out the day. Isaac and Sydney keep me very busy, but I still try to have some me time. I'm taking a Ti Chi class every Thursday night. I'm hoping it allows me to center myself and find peace and balance, supposedly. Usually the kids are at least in bed before I go.
I also read the Harry Potter series, and I just finished the second book to Eragon. I randomly picked up Escape, and book about a women who escapes the FLDS church, it was amazing. I'm slowly working through I am a Mother. After Josh goes back to school in a week, I hope to start Twilight. Seriously I'm not usually a big reader, but I can manage my time reading better then waiting up for TV shows. I will watch LOST in February, but other then that I'm not dedicated to any shows, considering they usually start here about 10 pm. I have a truly blessed life and am doing what I've always wanted to do, be a stay at home mom. Although some days that's hard to remember because this is truly the hardest thing I've done in my life. But with play groups and a loving husband and family especially my sister Leah, who knows more then anyone else how my days go, I make it through. And at the end of the day when they are asleep and I go into look at them my heart just about burst out of me with the love I have for my children. And yes that happens every night. No matter how hard the day was.