Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vicious Lizard Hunter

Dont let this pretty face fool you! She is a true Huntress.
Determined, patient and ruthless!
I know you think, "Theres no way she could ever be ruthless."
But she was a born hunter.

Wikipedia -
"The dachshund is a short-legged, elongated dog breed, of the hound family. The standard size was developed to scent, chase, and flush badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals, while the miniature was developed to hunt smaller prey, like rabbits. In the American West, they have also been used to hunt prairie dogs."
"Dachshunds are playful, but can be stubborn, and are known for their propensity for chasing small animals, birds, and tennis balls with great determination and ferocity."
Below you can see her honing her skills on her toy duck.
She how she grabs it by the neck and then she viciously flings it around.
Now she has never done this to a real duck. Her favorite prey is LIZARDS!!!!!
After more then an hour of digging and sniffing and calling (the whimper/bark she makes when she knows she has something cornered). She got him!
I was there by the bush when I saw her run after the lizard as he tried to escape but he was no match for her skill. She got him by the head and flung him around. I heard a thunk as the body hit the drain pipe under the bushes. I also heard her gag on the head and spit it out.
(disguisting I know, but hey she eats poop, dont hold it against her but dont let her lick you)
She came out from the bushes soooo PROUD!!
"Did you see I got IT!!!!!"
Yummy huh!!
He was a pretty good size too!Here she is after the fact. If this was a video you would see how fast she was moving.
"I know there's more in there, I can smell them!"
"I know there's more! I know it! I can get another one! I know theres more!"
"Come out Come out!!! I've got all night!""Never mind I'll just dig you out too!!!!"
After watching her frantically scurrying around for about 5 minutes, I lifted the drain stone and crossed my fingers that there really weren't anymore.
Man She must've sat there for a good 3-4 minutes sniffing that thing. I figured after all the work she went through to get that lizard I would hold the stone up for as long as she wanted.
She's such a funny dog.
I couldnt believe how long she worked to get that lizard.
Silly Dog!
But really I couldnt ask for a better dog. She really is the greatest.

You can have a CRAPPY day and Not look like Crap!

Sydney asked me if I was going to take pics again. I thought heck no!!!! But I did any ways and it actually made me feel a lot better!
We had a last minute appointment with the pediatrician. I hadnt even showered yet, but you've got to get in when you can so off we went.
I could've gone in my baggy shirt and PJ pants, which is what I would've normally done, but I've been determined to take more pride in my appearance.
So on went the Kohls tank top $6 and a pair of Wide legged AE jeans. (technically little people like me arent suppose to wear wide legged. It makes us look short and squatty)
i put on this little blazer I got at Stien Mart for $3, yep you read right $3.
Oh and My NEW purse from Kohls for $15 the day after Thanksgiving!
FlipFlops on the way out (big NONO from my podiatrist)
But I love the fact that all you see are my Christmas sparkle toes when I wear them.
The sleeves kind of poof out and so I thought it might balance the pants out. Actually this was a total after thought. Because what really happened was I thought Crap!! I mean I look like Crap! Before I would actually want people to be able to look at me and say "how she was up with sick kids all night. You can tell just by looking at her!"
But the sweet receptionist said hello to me and then said "you dont look like you have 3 sick kids under 6 years old!" God Bless her I almost cried.
She knows I stay home and she has seen me many a time before.
I'm totally taking that office some Christmas goodies.
HAHA But they probably wont eat them for fear of getting sick! HAHA
PS I never did get a shower that day. Thank You Bath and Body works body spray!
PSS diagnoses - eye infections, Lincoln full blown, Sydney just starting, and Isaac..
"just give me a script for him too its only a matter of time."
Sydney's ear tubes are looking great, Lincoln continues to be congested, and Isaac finally caught that nasty cold we've all had.
Poor sick little bugs!
So I'm screwed for the next few day!

Another Chick-fil-a Night

We try to only go every other week. But seriously for $14 we feed the whole family, the kids play in the play area (sound proof) away from me, they have activities for the kids and free icecream. This way I Monday not having to even think about dinner. I focus on the house (destroyed from the weekend) and spend time outside with the kids.
And Bella the clown (there every Monday) does amazing face painting. Its a HUGE privileged that the kids love. Which means we can use it as a consequence for any disobedience. WHAAAA! (evil laugh)
And that my friends is worth every penny!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

First of the Holiday Baking

Scotcharoos: from Rice Krispies


1 cup light corn syrup
1 cup white sugar
1 1/2 cups peanut butter
6 cups crisp rice cereal
1 cup butterscotch chips
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

  1. Generously butter a 9x13 inch baking pan. Set aside.
  2. In a large pot, mix together corn syrup, sugar, and peanut butter. Cook over medium heat, stirring until peanut butter melts. Bring mixture to a boil. Remove from heat, and stir in crisp rice cereal.
  3. Transfer mixture into a well buttered 9x13 inch pan. With your hands well buttered, pat it down into pan.
  4. In a medium saucepan, over medium low heat, melt chocolate chips and butterscotch chips until smooth. Spread over top of bars and let bars cool. Cut into squares.
Isaac's more of an original guy and asked if we could just make plan rice Krispies too. He's not one for the fancy stuff. =)
I'm going to try and cut some boxes out of transparency paper on my Silhouette.
Silhouette America is having a pretty good After Thanksgiving Sale.
You should check it out.

Free 8x10 collage from Wallgreens

The special ends tomorrow. Go now and put one together. The scan job doesnt do it justice. These are the pics Heidi took last year. http://heidiannmcleodphotography.blogspot.com/
Our Christmas pics are scheduled for next Saturday.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Outfit

When I started to get everyone dressed to go to the Turkey Bowl it was 75 degrees outside. For us here in Florida thats blue jeans and long sleeve weather. Well by the time I got everyone dressed and out the door it was over 80 with no breeze. Man does that breeze make a difference.
And this big smile is for you Krissy. your right... i need to open my eyes and realize what I've got and smile about it!!!!! And no I'm not talking about my marriage or kids people.So this outfit will change as the day goes along. A sweater from the Junior section at Kohls and Long sleeve henly $2 Old Navy. AE Straight-leg Jeans.
My rocket Dog shoes. I love them but my arches not so much.
My favorite earrings!! I love that turquoise goes with EVERYTHING! Course its pretty matchy matchy with my Whippey Cake!
And here's My Whippey Cake headband.
You can find her here
She has super cute head bands. I thought they were a little on the pricey side especially when I got it in the mail. but I underestimated how much I would LOVELOVELOVE wearing it!!!
If I had $$ I would have ordered Sydney and I matching ones for our pics. But now its too late because pics are on the 4th.
Go check it out!

Turkey Bowl and other things to be thankful for...

This was the only action shot I was able to get of Josh and it was at the edge of the frame. I think it still looks cool though.
They had a lot of visitors come play. I wound up being the only wife to show up to watch. i felt really silly at first but then I thought. I've never been to watch Josh play turkey bowl in the 10 years we've been married. Might as well be here when he's playing in Florida.
Unfortunately I dressed us all way too warm. As I said it was chilly when we started getting ready but by the end of the game it was in the 80s.
Isaac watching his daddy play. this was before he became obsessed with playing with a pair of 5 year old boys. They were best friends and didnt really have a desire to have someone else join them. That was great.
Sydney ofcourse LOVES her daddy. This is our friend Tapa. He thinks Sydney is just cute as a button which means she turns on the cute when ever he's around. I find it highly irritating but he thinks its cute. It just encourages her.
I love the pic below because as much as I think she's getting so big you see a pic like this and you realize she's still a little girl.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I got a call the other day from my beautiful amazing sister-in-law Joelle.
It started like this...
"I dont know how to start this conversation and I'm really nervous to talk to you about it..."
I prepped myself.
"I've gotten several concerned calls from family and close friends..."
Oh great here it comes they are all concerned for my spiritual welfare.
You might not know that I've received several FB message from loved ones concerned for my spiritual life. And as much as I feel the love from these individuals, I dont really feel the need.
So as I have dealt with this previously I braced myself for more family concerns.
"Well, everyone's wondering when you and Josh are going to get a divorce!"
Then I started laughing!
So I thought I would place a post to ease some minds. If its To much Information for you....?
You asked for it!
I have never been more in love with Josh Sparks then I am today. He is my best friend. I know I can always count on him. I know he will never judge me but will help me to become a better person each day. He encourages me to think as an individual and for myself.
In the 10 years we've been married he has always been patient with me, has never raised his voice or a hand to me. And has supported me through different health issues, medication and over a year of therapy.
His reaction to this whole thing... he thought it was hilarious!
We've never been closer and our sex life is amazing. Not as frequent as we would like but lets face it... we have three kids under 7 and he's in dental school.
With that said I could never ask for a better lover then Josh!
I certainly hope that calms people down. I have to say who ever was worried about us, i appreciate your concern and love but who are you???
Obviously not someone we're in regular contact with or I wouldnt have heard it from Joelle.
And shame on you for worrying the poor girl!!

Oh and BY THE WAY... My friend I met up in Palm Beach for lunch is VERY VERY GAY! I didnt feel the need to type his sexual preference to the world!
I did call him and ask if he minded if I outed him on my personal blog
"Girl you can shout it form the roof tops I'M GAY!!!!"
He too thought it was funny that people would read my blog and think that he was moving in on Josh's family. He is crazy in love with his partner of 9 years.
His sexual orientation plays no part in our friendship with the exception of my admiration of him being true to himself and the way he feels.
Love you AJ!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joey's Chucky Cheese Birthday Party