Saturday, September 29, 2007

A BIG THANK YOU to Calley Soptich who told me how to add you all to my blog.
I'm actually in tears as I've spent the last hour searching through everybodies blog links and catching up on everyones lives.
Oh how I miss Wymount. (not the 640 sq. feet)
I can't think of another time (besides family) in my life where I have felt so much. You truly excepted me for who I am and embraced my children whole heartedly.
So many beautiful babies which I long to see in person and so many people I want to Congratulate in person.
I truly hope we all keep in touch in the years to come becuase you are all truly inspiration to me!
Here are our Birds. The yellow one's name is Ginger and the Blue one is Chloe.
All though recent events have convinced me that Chloe is a girl... Isaac refuses to change the name to a boy name.
Chloe is a MUCH older bird. Infact I wouldn't be surprised is he/she passes away in the next year. Pretty sure Ginger is less then a year old.
We've had them for about two months and they are very patient.
Last month Ginger almost lost her life due to Isaac tring to capture her with a towel.
Luckily she only bloodied in a few places on her feet and lost a couple chunks of hair. If you click on the photo for a bigger pic you can see a spot on her chest and one on her head where the new feathers are coming in.
Shes a trooper!
Chloe just recently lost her tail feathers when Isaac accidentally pulled them out. Yes I saw it it was an accident.
His/Her tail know looks like a love bird. She has just barly recovered from the humiliation.

This is Nate Neat! Great guy! He came and crashed at our place for his dental interview at NOVA. Seriously one of the nicest guys I've met. Which explains why he's good friends with my brother in law.
The kids loved him and it was nice to have someone else around.

Nate the Sparks family wishes you luck in what ever path you choose to take!

And seriously if you talk to the guys about spring break.... you're all welcome to crash here.

French toast in the morning.

I think Sydney looks an awful lot like Leahs girls in this pic.
My children are FISH!!! They love the water. Sydney will spent almost an hour in the tub if she has it all to herself. A little less if she has to put up with Isaac.
And when mommy is busy and leaves them alone too long...

Yes!!! This would be our two children in the sink (full sink) with their church cloths on.
And have no fear that was a brand new spunge Sydney is sucking on. I know its still nasty!!!

They also accomplished this feat quicker then you would think!

This is Sydney's idea of helping me make brownies. She's not as into baking as Isaac was at her age. She watches me do all the work and waits for the goods.

She's very precise about licking it completely clean.

I had the chance to go up tot he Orlando Temple this month.
The Stake charters a bus. You pay $20 for your seat and they take you up and bring you back.
We left at 4:30 am and got back at almost 6:00 pm. I was able to do two seasons and spent much needed time in the Celestial room.
If you click on the top picture you might be able to see the bird thats just sitting up on the trumpet.