Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lincoln is growing so fast!

Look who's smiling for REAL now!!!
And is size #2 diapers!!!
And I swear he almost rolled over last night. Ofcourse he was pretty mad at the time so he had a lot of energy behind it.
I think he's going to give Isaac a good run for his money!

Lincoln loves to stand!!! I can't believe he's already 2 months. He's about 13 pounds and in 6 month sleepers. He's serious chunk, at least for our family. If you watch his face you can see an expression of joy and pride in the fact that he can do this. Actually you might not be able to see it, more likely if you knew him. Mom and Dad will be able to see it.

Anyways he's an amazing little guy and I feel like he's already growing up too fast.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Its Me & My Dog!

Yep those boobs are real!! At least for now!!!!
There's my puppy!! She's gotten so big already! And mom and dad check out how much she has filled out since I've been softening her food! Crazy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sydney is a Princess

Sydney has officially entered the princess stage. I tried to avoid it as much as possible but here it is. I have to say she is pretty cute. She wants to wear this outfit EVERYWHERE!!!
She also has a Princess water bottle thanks to Targets $1 area. And she loves her Ariel swim diapers. I was watching her out on the course and thought, "I'm so lucky to have a girl!!"
No sarcasm.. I really mean it!

I forget that you can't rotate a video and I'm notorious for taking pictures this way. I hope to remember never to take a video at this angle again. You people are probably getting a sore neck. But this video is so cute I hope you endure to see it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grandma was in Charge of feedings!

My mom said she didn't help that much while she was here. "All I did was feed Lincoln." And Man was that a big help!! Not to have to worry about sitting still for 20 minutes to feed him... my kids can do serious damage in 20 minutes!!
So the first pic shows Lincoln before my parents visited.

And this was a little bit before they left. He started the visit in size one diapers and newborn onsies. He is now in size two diapers and 0-3 month onsies. Now you could say that the growth spurt had nothing to do with my mother feeding him but I have to disagree. Yes he had a growth spurt but he also had a very patient grandmother who help make sure he got every drop of his bottle no matter how long it took. And that makes a huge difference.

Look at his pudge! I'm so proud!!

Sleeping Babies

I love my king size bed!! If you're going to have kids or have them... I feel it is a must have.
Sydney has all of a sudden gotten a pshyco connection to sleeping in our bed. We're trying to break her of at least the night time part but to be truthful we're just too tired. Nap time doesn't bother me though.
Lincoln totally looks like Josh here doesn't he? And yes that's the blue blanket Isaac asked me to make for Lincoln. My parents were very impressed and I was so proud.
Man are we going to have our hands full or what. She is a gorgeous one!! And attitude!

Our Back Yard

So if you didn't know by now... our new place opens up onto a golf course. Its great. Early in the morning and in the evening, you can go out onto it. This is a little scenic pond a little ways down from us.
Isaac riding our neighbors trike along the walk way that winds through the course.


Isaac and Daddy doing pool stunts.

Isaac can actually swim now. He just needs to learn how to get his head out of the water to breath. He just holds his breath until he gets to where he's going.

Believe it or not Isaac LOVES it when his daddy throws him across the pool!! Actually its probably easier to believe then not!


Whats a trip to Florida with out going to the beach. WE got this sweet tent on sale in Utah and never really used it. Mitzi brought it to us when she came to visit and its perfect for Florida!!
And yes that's me behind the tent. I don't even recognize myself.
We like going to this beach because it has bathrooms and showers right there. It makes it a lot easier to wash the kids off and get them into the car. Grandma and Grandpa loved the beach. The water is perfect this time of year. I wish though that I had gotten a picture of grandpa Love's sunburn, because MAN was it a doosy. And actually dad pointed out that I only have one picture of him the whole trip. That did make me sad when I realised that, but that's what happens when you man the camera. That's why you rarely see pictures of moms.

On the Golf course out back

The fence you see behind us is actually our little back yard. We're talking with our neighbors from Columbia. They are teaching me Spanish and I'm trying to help them with their English. SUPER nice family. And the have a little boy 4 months younger then Isaac. Carlos can not only keep up with Isaac but beats him in a few things and doesn't let himself be bullied by him either. That's a lot to say because most of the time Isaac has to play with older kids because boys his age don't deal well with him.
Sadie and Sydney running the course together.
Isaac and Carlos. It was getting dark.

More hanging around the house

Sydney red hot after being outside for about 15 miuntes... maybe less.
As always one curl down the mddle of her forhead.
Mom and Lincoln, I think the first day they were here.
Lincoln began to be more and more awake as their visit went on. I know that they loved that.

Miami Metro Zoo

Through out my parents journeys around the world they have been to MANY zoos. I hadn't realised how many or how unexcited they were to go to ours till we got there. Turns out... we have an amazing zoo. I like it but my mom couldn't stop with the compliments. I was thrilled. She says its definitely in the top 10 and close tot he top. She said it was absolutely beautiful. And it really is. We rented a bike because that's the only way to hit up this zoo and pedaled our way around. Unfortunately with the kids melting down before our eyes we had to call it before we got to feed the giraffes.
I'm only putting the tigers on here but there are many more pics. But tigers are my favorite. If you double click the pic you can see the white one laying on the roots to the left. Besides the otters and we couldn't get a good shot of them. One thing my mom loved besides all the birds (she loved the birds) was the fact that you can't see any of the animals nightly enclosures. I have to admit that is cool.
This is a picture to show how strong Lincoln is with his head already.
Oh and the weather was perfect. We were afraid we were going to get thrashed by a huge thunderstorm but it by passed the zoo. So we just got the cool breeze from it. But by afternoon it was back to the 90s and HOT! But that was just about when we were leaving.

DIEGO!!!!!!!!!! We got there just in time to see Diego at the gift shop. Sydney was too shy for a hug but mustard up enough courage for a high five!!
A little scenery of the Zoo to help explain why my mom thought it was so beautiful. And Yes that Lincoln in my sweet 'HOT SLING'. They are great. I tried slings with my other kids with no luck. If you want your kids to be sling babies start them right away. I love my 'hot sling'.
This is Sydney in the middle of the road around nap time. No she's not napping but throwing a HUGE fit. She woke up that morning at 5 am and fell a sleep right when we pulled into the zoo only to wake up 2 minutes later. Ahhh Fun times!!
double click for the full affect.
There's a place in the Zoo where they have these life size statues that look like the are immersed in water. Every time we go the kids climb all over them.
A 'must' stop is the sprinkler park they have there. Especially when its over 90 degrees outside. Sydney opted for the playground across they way where I pushed her on the swings in the hot sun. I'm such a loving mom. Although I did set the timer on my watch for 5 minutes. No more then that.


One of the stops dad insisted we make was to the Miami Ink tattoo parlor from TLC. Actually this is just a gift shop now. They're really tattoo shop we think is across the street.
As we were finishing up our pictures mom turned around and saw the owner walking toward the shop. We followed him inside where he posed for a picture with a bunch of hot girls and then graciously posed for one with the touring Grandma and Grandpa. I thought it was great and so did they. This tourist stop was a hit!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 4th

The Davie Fire Dpt. supplied foam for all the kids to play in. They all had a blast as you can see below.
The kids got tatoos. Sydney a res white and blue heart and Isaac got a fire cracker.
Isaac in the fire foam.
Sydney never made it in further then her waist.
"I have a mustache?!" This is Josh thinking he's funny by drawing muxtaches on the kids. And actually it is pretty funny. I'll be up dating more tomorrow but for now I'm going to bed!!!!
"hoh hoh hoh!" in a french accent!!