Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We were both 21 years old. So young! Why did that not scare us? I'd be scared if one of my children wanted to get married at 21! I wouldnt change it for anything.
I was talking to Josh this morning... my mother got married at 19 years old. I asked her one day if she regreted that. Did she feel like she missed out on a lot of things b/c she was married so young. "No." was her straight forward answer.
And that is mine also. What ever I would've done or been doing as exciting as it might have been... I wouldn't have been doing it with Josh.
And how fun could it have been if I didn't have my best friend with me?!
And he is truly my best friend. there is no one on earth who knows me better. Even though sometimes I feel he doesnt get me at all. =)
He knows me inside and out. Literally! TMI? Oh well!
Sometimes it seems so long ago and others just yesterday.
Josh has accomplished so much! He has graduated from BYU and will graduate dental school in 2011. I am so proud of him. I know it hasnt been the easiest.

He has loved me even with all of my challenges and issues. I have always felt a peace and saftey in him. He has every characteristic that I admire and that I lack.
He is himself, truly himself and no one else. He is honest and straight forward.
He is non contentious. He is patient and knowledgeable. He is funny and a fantastic lover!
And he chose me! And he loves me!
And I am truly blessed to call him mine for Time and all Eternity!

The new addition to the Master Bedroom!

Above is the Before pic of our bed. BORING!!! Well the Vihnyl clock I wanted at Target was 50% so I thought I'd put it above the bed.
Josh walks in as I'm putting up the template... "Dont put it on the wall!"
I think... "where else is it going to go."
He reads my mind "why dont you put it on your mirror down stairs or on a wooden round?"
"Once you move and have to take it down you cant reuse it."
Off I went to Home depot to look for a Wooden round b/c I didnt like the idea of using the big BROWN mirror. It wouldnt have matched the bed at all!
I found this baby marked down and here it is!!!

Sorry the pics arent so great. I had to use our old camera b/c our sweet water proof one has sand in it. =(
It totally makes the room doesnt it!?!?!
And thank you mom for introducing me to battery operated no flame candles!

And in case your wondering Its SUPER quiet! You cant even hear it. Josh had me spray paing the back og the clock b/c it was white and you could see it in the mirror. Oh and he had the idea of Velcroing it to the mirror so I can still pull it off to change the battery!!
And yes we have been married 10 years!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well actually he was sweating up a storm!
Every night I always go in and look at my two older children before I go to bed. Why not Lincoln you ask... I dont want to wake him up.
Last night I found Isaac like this....
In his dragon costume.
He really does crack me up.
Oh and did you know "God is bigger then the boogey man!"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


And what better way to start the post then with a little butt crack!!!!
I feel like a first time parent with this one! Its Crazy!!! Lincoln is two now and has always been very sensory sensitive! And thats actually putting it mildly. He's scared of just about everything and cant stand the touch and taste of most things. he truly wish he could be a nudist. As soon as I broke out the swim diaper he lost it. He started to flick his ears (stressed trait) and screaming. So I put his swim suit on with out the diaper. (fish pee in the ocean too!!) He spent the next 40 minutes upset and screaming on and off, pulling at swim suit.
I finally let him run naked through the fountain for the last 15 minutes. I t would've been longer if he hadnt started playing with himself! I do have the cutest pic of his backside. I wouldve posted it but Calley has warned me against child porn.

So we were ding a "Show me your muscles" pic when Isaac told me my poses were "boring"!! He then proceeded to show me the "cool way" to flex.

The waves were HUGE!!! AND WE LOVED IT! Isaac was out on his hand-me-down wake board (thank you LUKE) the whole time. Made me nervous but he's got "crazy skills". Sydney and I floated along together with her in her tube. It was so nice having the Cardona girls with us b/c theres no way I could keep track of all 3 of my kids by myself. One would have drowned or been stolen for sure!

This is Sydney after she got trashed by a wave. You had to go out a ways to get away from the crashing part of the waves. Once you were past those it wasnt too bad, but get caught in on of them and loose your balance... its all over.

Above is Marianna, she is the youngest of the three sisters. I think she is 10 years old. Such a genuine sweet heart! Below is lincoln hanging out on my lap "safe" from the waves! He would still get a little stressed when the water would come up and kiss my toes.

I can not thank the girls enough for coming with me. I felt so safe with them there. On the left is Cata (short for Catalina I think) she is the middle sister. 15 years old I think

Another Trashing from a wave. She was a real trouper though... she come tell us and then go right back out. And yes we were only a few feet away to begin with.
Lincoln and I spent quality time building up a big wall of sand that the water couldnt get past. It kept him occupied and at the beach. because he really just wanted to be at the fountain the whole time. And yes he wondered over there several times but we had extra people to follow him!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THOSE GIRLS!
Here is one of Lincolns many walls built that day. Do you see him eyeing the waves! lol
Below is Vivi and she is the oldest. All three are just gorgeous and so genuine. I will really miss them when we move!

Cata and Marianna. Cata is probably the most quiet out of the three. She understands just about everything I say but rarely says much. but you know she is thinking all the todo tiempo!

He is a perfect example of Lincoln. Yes you will get sand on you if you go to a beach. But what really topped it off was the cookie getting sand on it. I know what your thinking "anybody would be upset about that." True but he takes it to a whole new level. Gotta love him!

And the theres Sydney in her own world making sand angels. She didnt even know that i took a pic of her till that night when we were flipping through.

my summer ADDICTION!

Fruit Dip
block of cream cheese
lime juice
heavy cream

And yes I do it just to taste, I dont have any measurements for you. You want it to be thick enough to sit on your strawberry, but not too thick that you cant scoop it. And just enough lime juice that you taste the citrus but it doesnt over power you.
That and Costco Strawberries equals HEAVEN!!

Pool Group

LOVE LOVE LOVE my underwater camera! It was the only thing fun at the pool group. Gotta love going to an activity and feeling like an outsider! At least my kids had fun and the Mandy and Tapa showed up toward the end.

Yep Sydney is oficailly a little fish now. I had her in a little swim class with an amazing teacher. But we only made it to two of them. That and Chelsea said Sydney was the best in the class. But I credit Chelsea with giving her the "non parent" encouragement she needed to really take the last step toward fishhood. Look at her!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Final Goodbye

Lincoln was beyond picture taking so family members crammed into the van to take the pics. Too bad Lincoln isnt in any! hahah
First we have Nana and then below is Scott.

Last is Aunt Tellie (Oertel) She was able to come into NC and overlap us by a little over a day. Loved it!! I really do love that lady. So talented, confident and beautiful! the kids loved seeing her too. Hopefully it wont be as long this next time till we see her and that we get to have more time. Such is life!

Just realized I posted this whole trip backwards! Oh well.
Below is one of my many new projects. My wonderful friend Jessica taught me how to make these great fabric flowers!!! I've put my own twist on them and here they are. This one is for my niece Alex if I ever get the package sent off to her! She loves Penguins!

Wonderful Back yard and decks...

Yes sadie came with us. Nana and Uncle Scott now have a black lab puppy named Zoe. She was wonderful but definetly a 4 month old (large) puppy. Sadie and she got along rather well. This is them talking through the gate at each other.
Below is a wonderful pic of Sydney getting dressed up to go outside and play war with Isaac.
Josh made them each a sweet sword out of PVC pipes. (Daddies Rock)
Isaac was not impressed with her choice of camouflage.

That was the back yard and back deck. Here we roasted Marsh-mellows on the front deck. Thank you to uncle Matt for purchasing the great "fire holder" we used. Isaac went on a search for fireflies. Nana told him that out of the 6 kids she had they never caught a firefly. Ofcourse if you know anything about my Isaac... that is a challenge! Off he went!! Not more then 10 minutes later he came back with his bug catcher held high and a firefly caught.
that boy never ceases to amazing me and yet I knew as soon as Nana said that, that he would succeed.

Once again Josh being a great Daddy. Cant believe we are coming up on 10 years!! He is a wonderful father and ever patient husband. Couldn't ask for anything more. Well maybe a bed spread bigger then a king. Do they even make those?

random pics from around the house...

Lincoln watching "geek geek" )Baby Einstein sporting a sweet fire hat from Chick-fil-a!

Daddy throwing around a fussy Lincoln. he caught the Croupe while we were there and that made the visit lovely. but even sick, hes still a pretty happy guy.

Sadie getting some much needed love. It took her a few days to learn how to spend a majority of her time outside but she got to where she liked it. But she still needed me. I love her little 3 inch legs. Yes those are her back feet you see.

Playing with Aunt Tellie. I Can not express how good it was to see her. And so happy to see her pain free. I send up prayers that she continues to be migraine free.

fishing and pool

Fishing with uncle Scott. The humidity did pick up while we were there but still nothing compared to Florida. You can see it fogged the camera. I know fishing is suppose to be relaxing but I dont know how relaxing it was with Isaac. Scott, your such a great guy!

Lincoln was more interested in the dog visiting by the gate then the water that day.
But he did love the kiddy pool!!!!!

Check him out!!!!! He looks like tough stuff huh. Till you try and walk him near the big pool. hahah Thats ok buddy... I'm in no hurry for you to grow up.

Great trips to the parks....

Aunt tellie pushing the kids on the swings. Just about everyday the kids would go to a park. It allowed me to stay back and put this dang foot up!! Wow does it make a HUGE difference getting off a broken foot. AMAZING!

So I didnt get to see any of this stuff in person but I heard it was fantastic and it looks that way.

Lincoln didnt warm up until the second trip but after that he was off!

HMMM I guess thats a good one to practice on. not far to fall.