Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybe its just my mood right now, PMS and all, but seriously people... I use the blog as my own personal journal.

Does anyone know who the heck "Kaminski Basil" is. This person left a comment on my blog. Seems to think I "Profess Modesty". Which definetly tells me this person seems to 'think' they know me but really has no clue!
To profess is "To make open declaration of, as of one's knowledge, belief, action, etc.; to avow or acknowledge; to confess publicly; to own or admit freely." WOW that made me LOL!! For those of you who REALLY know me, know that I don't "profess" anything.
I'd have to be living my life with a lot more conviction to be doing that! LOL
As it is I'm trying to be a good person and survive raising 3 kids under the age of 5.
I don't have time to profess.

As to Kaminski Basil maybe I would have more insight into your comment
if I knew who the heck you were.

Thats the last of this subject... back to my life!


Sydney and her friend Haley at the beach! How cute are they!!!!

This is the trio!! Left to Right
Kayla, Sydney and Haley

Hope to get more pics from this day! My friend Linda arranged for her frined to bring her horse to the park so the kids could ride it!!! It was so much fun but extremly hot!!
Left to Right
Sydney, Kirk, Austin hiding in back, Isaac, Emily (I think) and Haley, their sister Kayla!
As you can see Isaac was the oldest in that group. This is the group that would hang out when Isaac was in school.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Funny story is here

at least now we can look at it with out our eyes watering up.
happened a week and a half ago!

OK so almost 2 weeks ago I decided to go cycling first thing in the morning. BAD IDEA!!
People I found are not very nice to cyclist. I stayed on the canal for as long as I could. Theres 84 which is a two lane (one way) then a guard rail and then the canal and finally the sidewalk.
So I finally had to cross Pine Island (busy intersection). Unfortunately b/c I wasn't with traffic before I wasn't prepared to cross so I wound up sitting at the intersection for about 5 minutes.
My left foot was unclipped and I kept my right clipped in. All of a sudden I'm falling over.
It was like in slow motion. Fell to the right and caught ALL my 112 pounds on my right hip!!
A very nice man who was waiting to turn right rolled his window down to ask if i was ok. Very nice of him. I was laughing trying to play off my incredible embarrassment!
Once I got myself up and finally decided it would be safe to cross (the little walking man NEVER flashed). When I was crossing in front of the traffic getting ready to go the the light turned green. The cars STARTED TO GO!!!! I shout out "Whoa wait a minute!!!!" And their answer to slam on the breaks and swear at me! One guy even pushed the gas to rev his engine!!
Trying not to cry... from the embarisment, pain and hurt feeling from people swearing at me I finished crossing and finished my ride.
I now do all my bike training on my trainer

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I love going to the museum with daddy - I
I love how daddy talks to my princess friends on my princess phone with me - S
I love watching daddy play his game on his computer - I
I love it when daddy throws me on the bed - L
I love it when daddy reads my spider book and pretends to be a spider - I
I love it when daddy plays dolls with me and ponies - S
I love it when daddy helps me stand well maybe - L
I love it when daddy plays barbies with me - S
I loved it when daddy taught me to ride my bike - I
I love it when daddy reads Dora to me - S
I like it when daddy plays the WII with me - I (daddy is the toughest guy on the WII he even beat Luke)
We love it when daddy brushes our teeth but only when he sings funny songs - I & S
We love making cookies with daddy - S & I
We LOVE going to pool with daddy - I & S
Daddy makes the best Forts! - I
Daddy makes the best playgrounds - S
Daddy takes us to Red Robin Yummmm - I
Daddy takes us camping - I & S
Daddy takes us to the kid museum and lets us play that ball game - I

We love our Daddy!!!

Happy Father's day Honey!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Over 500 hits!! Pretty cool. Except that a quarter of them are probably me looking to see
how many hits I have!!! LOL
Hey if any of you were shocked by my swimsuit photo...
how is that shocking? Or is it just that I'm not at the beach. Or would it be just as shocking if I were walking down the beach?
Just to give everyone a heads up... I live in SOUTH FLORIDA!!!!
People wear MUCH less here!!!
If you ever want to come visit, we'll take you and show you!
Don't worry... never offended!!

Sydney's portraits

I don't know, maybe Sydney heard me talking about Isaac's art skills. Yesterday she presented me with her portraits. The One on the left is me, you can tell from the blue nose and curly hair. Josh is the one on the left, spikey hair and brown nose. She's so funny. I offered to put them up on the fridge but she decided daddy would see it better if we stuck it on the wall by the toilet. =)
Pretty impressive. Isaac still scribbles and calls it what ever he wants it to be. Maybe because he doesn't want to sit long enough to make it look like anything. Sydney was very still and focused for a LONG time. The table was covered in "Practice post-its"
Kids crack me up... when they're not driving me CRAZY!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cute Kids!!

Of course I might be a little bias! I wish we could've gotten lincoln in here too but he was sleeping. And man you add a 3rd kid in there and its chaos.
Thats my life!
Isaac has officially hit the forced smile stage! He looks like he's in pain! It cracks me up!

Because its MY blog

So please ignore the hair... its growing out and I didn't do it that day!
For those of you who don't know... I did NOT get my boob job.
I know many of you have been waiting in suspense but I did have a change of heart. I went to a second opinion and after talking with him I agreed that I didn't need it. Not to say that in the future... maybe.
So on the advice of my wonderful sisterinlaw, I spent some $$ on a good swimsuit. And actually victoria secret is having a great swim sale so it wasn't as much $$ as I thought it was going to be.
Amazing what a different swimsuit will do!
And as a second thought... yes I am 30 and a mother of 3! =)

Squint and you can see them..

This Yani and Josh working on giving shots!! Josh accidentally punctured her periosteum.
Translated means he scraped the covering of her jaw bone.
She numbed his superior constrictors so he couldn't swallow.
I can't decide which would be worse.
On the plus side... he's working on real patience next week.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Isaac... a budding artist

One of many art projects Isaac brought home. For some reason I LOVE this one. Love the colors, the layers, and pattern. And I love the most because Isaac did it.
I never thought I'd be a mom that saved their preschoolers art work, but I'm actually framing this one!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Singing in the rain

In case you cant understand the song Isaac is singing its "Prince Ali" from Aladdin.

In florida when it rains it pours. We played out until the lighting started and
then decided it would be best to come in!

I love this picture of Sydney in her boots!! The water got so deep so fast!!

You might not be able to tell but she has her disney princess tootoo on! Always!
Thank you Keri for the handmedown!!

Hello BLUE EYES!! How adorable is he?!!! He loved to be outside in the rain. Unfortunetly I had the golf umbrella which is big but has an opening in the top. So when you tilt it a certain way the rain runs down your back. Good thing its Florida and it was 85 degrees outside!!

Isaac and his friend jeffey!! They are like two pees in a pod!! I'm so sad that they found each other right before his family is moving! Such is life!

Princess umbrella!!
These two either crack me up or drive me crazy!! I love them both so much!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sanibel Island

So we took a day trip out to the West coast. And for you people not from Florida...
that means the West coast of Florida. Yep we are the only state with and east and a west coast. (2 oceans)
The first beach we went to was a south facing beach great for shelling. Unfortunetly it was covered in "Sea Grass". It breaks off out in the ocean and gets pulled up on tot he beach by the tide. NASTY!! Its slimy and floats in the water. So we left and went to Lighthouse Beach!
Much better!!
This is Lincoln moving in to work his magic on the chicks set up next to us! And the magic ofcourse worked. They loved him! Who wouldn't!
And no he's not walking. He's in denial. Thats ok though. He's my baby and I'm ok with him taking his time. That and he's so tall that I don't have to bend over to walk with him.
He's 90% for his height and 50% for his weight.
Which is funny because it wasn't too long ago that he was 50 % on his height and 90% on his weight! He's 23 pounds 12 ounces!

Isaac walked up and made friends instantly!! Not surprised, thats Isaac! =)

This was so different for Lincoln. The last 2 times we've tried to take Lincoln to the beach he would scream if we tried to walk down to the water. He he seriously would try to crawl directly into the ocean. He loved it.

Sydney loved it too. She's so tiny that the waves at our beach scare her. She kept saying things like "This is my favorite beach!" "I love this beach!" She was in Heaven.

OK double click on this ocean pic!!! That black line in the back... thats right its a dolphin!!!!!
There was a pod of 5 dolphins that came in to feed. They were 10 feet at least. I swear one time one was about 6 feet away. I got a little freaked out with that one. I didn't need a dolphin mistaking Isaac's fingers for a fish!
It was breath taking! To know that we were that close to wild dolphins. The kids were so excited! Lincoln saw them and started pointing and laughing. You really felt like he had an understanding of what he was seeing.
We were joking that they were attracted to Lincoln, but seriously I think they might have been. When he started to get tired and Josh started walking him in they look like they followed. It was crazy but you just got this over whelming feeling that it was Lincoln. Even the lady next to us said the same thing.
It really made the day!
Our best day ever Summer


Yes this was the reason to go to the West Coast! Red Robin.

The kids LOVED their chocolate shakes. And Lincoln chugged his chocolate milk! Propped himself up and everything!

Sydney was in the chocolate shake zone.

Lincoln's first haircut

Josh decided it was time for Lincoln to have a haircut.
I'll try and tell you more later.