Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthday party

We went to a joint Bday party earlier this month. Josh ran errands while I supervised at the party. It went ok for a little while. Lincoln was pacified with the slides only for a short period of time.
This is Sydney's boyfriend Micky. "But I'm not his only girlfriend, he has a lot."
He is a total sweet heart. I have a feeling he's going to have girlfriends he doesnt
even know about.
Our friend, Tapa pushing his little girl on the swings. Something I refuse to do
but always wind of caving.
Gorgeous little Greyson. My picture doesnt even do him justice.
And this is hayden... a very reserved little guy but something about him just draws you to him.
And HUGE PROPS to my girlfriend Amy for making this papermesha shark for her Son.
(cant seem to get any help from spell check on that one)
So this was about the time that Lincoln decided he wasnt going to be happy anymore. (Dont you just love sydneys pigtails.)
The rest of the birthday party pretty much looked like this.....
A sharp contrast to earlier where he looked like this... (below)
I finally had to call josh on the phone to come get him, because text messaging was expressing myself clearly enough.
On a lighter note.. Arabella one of the CUTEST babies ever is getting her first teeth in. Where has the time gone?

Pumkin Patch

So we decided to go to the local pumpkin patch (recommended by Heidi). It was really just a bunch of pallets with pumpkins on it but it worked for us.
Right by the entrance was the NASTIEST pumpkin EVER.
Lincoln loved walking around saying "oooo look at that one".
And they had a sweet deal of .50 "baby" pumpkins. So they each got one.

Sydney ofcourse loved that Idea about as much as she loves posing for pics."Thats a biiiigggg one" Much cuter hearing it in person then reading it. He would say it while caressing each pumpkin.
It took team work to finally haul the mother load up to the cashier. so cute!
But look theres a cart!

I dont know if I've ever seen bluer eyes. He even has his daddy beat.
I'm in the picture too. He thought he was so sneaky about this whole thing. It cracked me up.

Now is it my imagination or is he really starting to look older??
So it was Josh that finally figured out that there was a fingerprint smudge on the lens of the camera. I thought it was just a holy glow!

this sweet old man helped us get to the car. And yes he offered the kids a hay ride,
minus the hay.

Isaac with our pumpkin booty!!

The older gentleman was kind enough to take the pic. I hardly ever get to be in the pic with my kids. you know how it is.

Lovin these sweater chains

this first pic was actually taken after the one on the bottom. Josh "you always look pissed when we take these pics." So I had him do another one of me smiling. And yes I do love these sweater chains. You just get a bead you like glue a post to the back of it and attach a string of beads.
And a new lipstain and man does it stay on... you have to use oil base make up remover to get it off. I cant remember which one it is. but I'll do a post on it when I remember to bring it down stairs. I know its TARGET RED!
And the reason I dont smile...
So tired after three hours of church on one piece of toast!

Chik-fil-a night again

Bella the Clown did an amazing job that night. She wasnt swamped that night.

Happy Halloween!

So we had trunk o treat Saturday night and then we actually let the kids trick or treat on Sunday night too. Just around our neighborhood. But man did they rack in the candy.
Today was spent sorting through the candy deciding which to keep and which to turn into mommy for cash. isaac made $6.25 and Sydney made $5.50. $2 a pound. I know thats a LOT of candy! they still have enough to last the year.

My pumpkin, josh humored me and drilled most of the holes. I was suppose to push Christmas lights up in each whole but the rind was WAY to think. I think the tea light worked fine.

And yes its green. Was I the only ignorant person out there that didnt know there were green pumpkins? thanks to the Silhouette Machine, Josh made short work of the kid's pumpkin.

I also cute out the little faces for their "baby" pumpkins. Bet you cant guess whos is whos!
Left to Right Lincolns Sydneys Isaacs.
LOL I know... they picked the faces out themselves.

Rosie the Riveter

Yes I actually dressed up this year! The kids were giving me a hard time. I was watching a lot of makeup tutorials on youtube, my neighbors were going to be '40s pin up girls. I kept coming across Rosie. I thought that would be an easy one. thank you to my broinlaw for the tip on were to find the jumpsuit. (sears) A red hank and the right makeup and there you go. I even already had her chin. And my eye brows just took a little pencil.

People really loved it. Well the people who got it. lol Most of my friends arent from the US so they really didnt get it, but it made for fun conversation. And did you know that they stopped making under wire bras during WW2 to use the medal for weaponry?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My first shirt

I know its out of order b/c I've already posted the second shirt. I wanted to make sure this one made it through the wash before showing it off. I LOVE IT! Lost a few flowers in the wash but not too bad. but the flowers do tend to shrivel after washing. You kind of have to fluff them frequently. HAHA that sounds funny but its true.

My girlfriends Jessica made my headband. And I love it. I get so many compliments on it.
Love the colors she picked to use.

Any how... another pic of me...
oh how I did it?? you just cut up another tshirt into a ridiculous amount of circles. stitch them on to the shirt in twos. And thats it. Sooo easy but it was time consuming.
Each shirt was $1.50 So now I have a $3 anthropology wanna be shirt.
Ya me!

Bye Krissie