Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Dress

Someone told me today how I always look so put together. I said thank you instead of my normal talking down of the compliment. Inside I also laughed. Because if you look in the background of the pics you can see how so not put together my life is. It is what it is.
I love this Furry Fuzzy Sweater jacket thing. I have discovered Stein Mart. I've actually been really good about staying away from there. This was actually a big spend for me @ $30 but in my defense I did sit on the idea for a week. I was desperate by the time I got back to the store b/c I couldnt find the size I wanted. The 3 that were left were scattered about the store. I couldve gone a size down if they had it but this one fits well.
And I do love it!

These shoes I actually got before Isaac was born at Nortstroms Last Chance on a visit to my sister's The were like $5. I love the old style of them.

This is a dress I found at Kohls by Chaps. Who would pay $100 or more for a dress I dont know but I got it clearanced out with one of my $10 coupons so it wound up being $20. I love the gathering all around the waist. It has a very 50s retro feel to it. It hangs heavy and the material flares out on the bottom. The pearls I found clearanced too.