Monday, March 28, 2011


Yep the video toward the end of this post is the kids singing "The best day ever" from Spongebob. Because according to them...
It was the best day ever!

luvluvluvluv this new wagon I got. Worth all the $54 I spent on it. It folds up to the size of a stroller and fits right in the back of my van. Got it at Costco. We fit everything in it. Towels, Sandtoys, Cooler, Umbrella, and two of my bugs!!
Holds up to 100 pounds.
And it actually did really well on the sand. Of course I had to get the 2 bugs out of it first.
We learned that after it tipped over.

I love this picture of of my Hugabug.
Even though you dont see any people (I cropped them out) the beach was packed!
Took us forever to get there!

HB was a completely different kid this time around. Crazy different.
Last year when we came he only wanted to play I the fountain. Wanted nothing to do with the sand or the sound of the waves.

Got this great outfit for him at Costco. The top is 100 SPF and it snaps to the bottoms and also a flotation device. I cant wait to see how he does in the pool.
Last year he didnt want to go anywhere near a floaty.
And he didnt mind putting it on. It worked out fantastic. I got LB one too. Exactly the same size but she has cute little shorts and for some reason hers doesnt snap.
But thanks to my awesome mom I have a snap making device so I can add them myself!

SB getting some great picks of his "styling" hair. Can you get an idea of what he might look like when he's grown? I'm going to have to beat the girls off of him. The girls are so aggressive now cant imagine what they'll be like in 10 more years.
The pic below is him out in the waves.
He played in the sand too but by far he LOVES the water!
LB was so Tired and Cold. I thought it felt great but she wasnt too keen on the wind. And as it got later it did get a bit more nippy. Heaven help us when we move to WA.
(85 degrees with a breeze is chilly)
Heres a view of our favorite beach from the parting garage.

You cant see the fountain below us but its there on the right side of the pic. And theres a little side walk leading out on to the sand which makes it easy to get close to the water
with out a HUGE hike!
Check those waves out. Beautiful white crests! LOVE IT!
LB does a little freak out too. I'm sure this is a side of her many have not seen.
The comments of "oh she's so quiet. I cant imagine her yelling."
Oh I can wait I dont have to imagine!

AHHHHH No Makeup on!! Just ignore that red mark in the middle of my eyebrows.
Actually I dont mind going with out makeup... Isaac was taking a picture of all my freckles that showed up that day!
Tired baby! He didnt get a nap that day. He did so great the whole time we were there!
And LB was CRAZY tired too. She gets a little loopy.
And when did he get so grown up looking?
I really did enjoy my children that afternoon. Thank you to Fernanda and Martin who wound up meeting us there! Hope to get together again like that soon. And hopefully josh can come with us next time.
Might not have been my "best day ever"... but it was close.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bowling with the Family

How cute is this picture! So many little feet!
Since trying to go bowling the day before was a huge BUST... when AllMyLove got back from taking the WREBS we all headed over to try again.

HAB by far was the funniest. SB was obsessed with winning, LB wasnt really into it, she'd rather pose for the camera but Lincoln LOVED it!
He got to a point where he would actually sit on my lap and wait his turn. I think the animations on the screen were helping in that.
He really is such a character! Makes me smile!
that is unless he's not smiling, then he makes sure no one around him is smiling.
Wait for it... Wait for it...
He actually hit some pins this time. i love it!Now SB of course was focused on being the best and proving to everyone that he actually knew everything there is to know about bowling.
"this is how you hold the ball." Was just one of the many tid bits of wisdom he had to share.
And truth be told his form wasnt too bad. I mean he is still 6 years old.

LoveBug carried her ball like a baby and then dropped it when she got to the line. Reminded me of when I tried shot put and almost broke my toe!
Seriously it took like 5 minutes for her ball to get to the end of the lane just to gutter right before the pins. But hey whats a girl to do?
Pose for pictures! Doesnt that make every girl feel better?
And she really is cute huh?
Such a poser... enough said.They love waiting for the ball to come up and kept getting in trouble for getting their hands and faces in the way. Yes LB's finger was eventually smashed by one of the balls. Thats why they decided it would be safer on the floor.
We spent a ridiculous $10 on 6 mozzarella sticks, A bottle of H2O, and a nasty bag of popcorn.
But in the kids eyes.... "the best day ever!" Sang by spongebob of course.
And believe it or not no temper-tantrums when we had to go.
It was a great afternoon.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

We got a great little card that get us free bowling. We just have to pay for shoes.
So we load up the kids (Snuggle Bug has been asking since summer to go bowling again) and we head over to the bowling alley.
We get there at about 10 till 5. Well guess what? A league is coming in at 5 so they are clearing all the lanes. SUCK!
Snuggle Bug is the oldest but that does not stop him from TRYING to have a full blown meltdown.
Love Bug and HugaBug fall right in line and head out to the car.
We then rack our brain for something to do.
Being that its March and we are in Florida (at least for a few more months) we head to the park with a splash pad. FREEEEE

WOW what a difference a year makes. Yes this is me sitting relaxing while all 3 of my children are off playing. Being that AllMyLove had to take the WREB (Western Regional Education Boards) He spent the time studying.
He's so handsome.
He did take a break from studying to swing the two younger ones. THANK GOODNESS! I told the kids before we got there I wasnt swinging anyone.
I know I'm heartless. The fact is that I swing them ALL THE TIME!
I usually put a 15 minute time length on my swinging too unless
I have a girlfriend to chat with and swing.
Snuggle Bug Climbing under the Playground.
Love Bug and HuggaBug were best friends that day.
They went every where together.
It was pretty exciting to watch Huggabug be so fearless. Last year I had to go on the bigtoy with him. There were still a few thing that he looked at and said no I dont think so. Like the little ladder Sydney is standing at the top of in the pic above. And dont get me started on the SplashPad. He didnt want anything to do with it last year and this time he was the only bug that wanted to go in.
Oh how they love slides!!! Its the only thing that will get them off the swings. they went up the tree and down the slides for almost an hour.
Miracle her panties are covered.
I love this pic!!!
Navy looks so good on her!
I feel like the fairies on Sleeping Beauty anytime I suggest anything other then pink.
"Make it Blue!"

Snuggle Bug took the pic of Huggabug below. I think he thought he was video taping but he got a bunch of pics instead. But just look at those eyes!!!
And his teeth are adjusting now that he's been off the pacifier for a while. Their not so bucked out anymore. Surprising how cute they were though. It kind of added to his personality!
Dont you just die over those little freckles on his nose!!
Heres a video of Snuggle Bug on the swings. He was over making friends. I dont understand why he feels such a need. Why doesnt he just play with his siblings. They're built in friends.

AHHHH FLORIDA! It really does have its moments.
So check this kid out!!! He's lovin it!! I hope he's this gungho at the beach this year.

I love it when the water stops! lol
My handsome little guy!
Takes after his daddy so much.
And just a little green to end the post with. Since I'm actually typing up the commentary ont he 17th of March! happy St. Patricks day!
Gotta Love Glitter toes!! They last FOREVER!!!

Josh Groban

I snagged this from my sisterinlaws blog. Thank you Oertel.... this is Hilarious!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011