Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm on You tube!! Mslovesparks

I took about 7 videos as I went through the race. Its actually pretty funny b/c everyone is gung ho int he beginning and then toward the end...

ING 1/2 Marathon

This is our friend Rich. Since Josh hadnt trained since before Christmas, he diceided it would be b

So from mile 10 to mile 11 I ran about a 9 minute mile. but I ran/walked a 14 minute mile for the next two mile. HAHA! Man y butt HURT!

My puppy...

Sadie giving me some puppy snuggles on the couch! I think she missed me! =)
i love he short little legs!! The cutest thing she does... when she wakes from a short little nap she'll stretch her legs out! Its so cute because fully extended and there still only about 3 inches long! LOVE IT!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sydney got a hair cut!

She was watching Mulan and decided she should cut her hair too. She took a big mullet chunk out of the side! We went to the salon and she layered her hair on the side starting from where she had cut it. i was happy that they were able to keep some length. But when we got home Josh was disappointed that it wasn't Pixied like I said it would be. "
It looks like a bad wig! And even when you do do her hair she looks like no one loves her."
So a couple days later we went and had it cut the rest of the way. Now she reminds me so much of my neice when she was 4. For some reason Sam (below) stopped aging for me at 4. She's now 8. But Sydney and Sam look so much a like its Scarey! I love it!

What a good Daddy! Helping Sydney do her nails. Mostly because he didnt want to have her do them and have nail polish all over the place. But its still pretty dang cute!
Lincoln is stuck on Sydney's glasses. He wears them everywhere! It hilarious!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Fishy Gators

Yes that's their name!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Please Welcome the Newest Member of the Brown Family

Andlyn Brown
Bron January 1st 6:20 am
8 lbs 13 oz. and 19.5 "

Congradulations Michelle and Eric!
And Way to Go Michelle for going ALL NATURAL!