Wednesday, October 28, 2009

lincoln is starting to talk!

He says many things guck (truck), dog, kitty, hi and bye. He tries to repeat just about everything...
I LOVE IT! Here is the newest addition in his vocabulary.
Just ignore the fact that this is breakfast and that he says hi instead of bye!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

OK so I just back tracked... and josh is right!
I have become a photo blogger!
I'm so sorry! I didn't realize it had gotten this bad!
I have pics all the way back to Sept. that have no captions!
I can't say I'll ever get back to those pics but I promise to do better in the future!

Happy Tummies at the Sparks house

I got this great griddle at Kohls (love Kohls) last night. It was on sale for $25, I mailed in a $10 rebate ($15) and i had a 15% off coupon. Josh makes pancakes for everyone on Sat. mornings and this makes it WAY easier. We call it "Josh's perfect golden sphere maker".

Below we have a pick of the Baker family recipe. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. We made it but used their recipe! Its so easy! And SOOOO Yummy! What do you think of Josh's guineas backdrop to our beautiful food pic?
You can find this and many other yummy recipes at the davie blog. I have a link to the right of my blog. "recipes out of davie" I think.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It was love at First Sight!

Isaac went to his first class tonight. It was a trail class but he loved it as soon as he walked in. He goes 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Once he advances he'll be going 5 times a week for 45 minutes. Its also extremly close so I dont have to worry about driving somewhere
to get him to class. In fact one of my plans is to bike there and then while he is in class to continue my bike ride with the other 2 in the trailer.
This combined with soccer should keep him busy. Soccer is 1 night a week and Sat. mornings. And limit his interactions with kids that arent the best examples for him right now.
Wish us luck!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rainforest Cafe

Lincoln loves anything Latin. Mainly Latin women, but he'll take music too.
Here he is dancing to the music while he looks at the fish. We were in that little window for at LEAST 20 minutes. He was dancing like crazy but slowed down a little when Sydney came.
He loved those fish!
And here is a more up close and personal show of Sydney's sweet new boots!

Monday, October 12, 2009

He LOVES to feed himself!!

Lincoln's favorite past time is now feeding himself. I never thought to let him do it earlier b/c he just didn't ask. Well forget asking... he went straight to demanding. More poawer to you buddy. But he's pretty heavy to be holding over the sink to clean him up.

AAHHH! yummy yummy yummy!

Oh how i LOVE these shoes!!!

So I went to our new Kohls opening and fell in love! They were origanally $54.99, marked down to $34.99. Couldn't justify it. Went online and found them for $24.99 with 15% off.
Hello my pretties!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Yeah, I dont know how the kids came up with that nickname but thats what we call her. I got this tent @ the kohls grand opening and sadie just loves it. Of course now it kind of smells like dog but the kids dont care.

The teddy bear that Sydney is holding is more then 25 years old! When I was in Kindergarden I wrote to my dad who was overseas in korea. He sent me this little bear back and I have treasured it ever since. Funny thing is I don't ever remember naming it? Probably teddy.
Me and linocln just hanging out one night. Litarally... he crawled on to my lap and just hung there. it was hilarious! i would've never guessed that he would have the personality that he has. He's a totally comedian, and loves to be the center of attention. but he doesn't care if he has it or not... but when you give it to him... he just cracks me up.

Our visit to Josh's campus

Oh Sydney and her Princess boots! Got them at the Kohls grand opening and she wears them everywhere! She feel asleep with them on the 1st night. I find them tacky with their tassels and light up princesses.
But of course thats what makes them irresistible to styalish almost 4 year olds!

There are cannals all over Florida. This is one that is on campus. Nasty really. Some have turtles and fish and yes alligators. This one is mainly full of bottom dwelling fish, some turtles and a ton of pond scum and weeds!

This is Sydney's kitty that Lincoln carries with him everywhere.
And below we have a tender moment of peace between siblings. Actually all said these two get along really well.

Isaac made the remark of "I'm going to jump in" and I said he's be in BIG trouble if he did. Course 5 minutes later I hear a splash. I turned on him sooo mad! And everyone around is rushing up to see if they cold pull him out, if he was ok, ect.
My reaction "He's fine, at least till he gets out!" Turns out a guy saw him "fall" in. Isaac didn't jump but was squatting down to look in the water and fell in. I told Isaac to thank him because if he hadn't told me Isaac would've been in BIG trouble. As it was... he had to swim through the nastyness and was wet for the rest of the time there. I just picked the water weeds off him and told him to be careful!
Idont even want to think about what people thought of me as a other.
Lincoln chatting away on my phone.
We now have it set so you have to push 2 buttons to unlock it.

So Isaac has a hard time with personal space. This is one of Josh's class mates and he's playing a computer game. Its like flies to poop! Isaac kept inching closer and closer. Like if he moved slow enough the guy wouldn't notice him! I guess he forgot that he smelled.

Ahh Sydney really is such a pretty girl.
If only she would let my brush her hair so you could see her face.
Lincoln and Sydney's kitty. He loves this thing. Carries it every where. Its a fur real pet. No fur reals! When you pet its back it meows and moves its head around. He now sees a cat or dog and makes that sounds. Its pretty cute!

I know my mother loves it when I wear my hair in these pathetic pony tails. But when my hair hits this in between stage what else do you do?

This is Isaac playing "lion in the Jungle". Isaac has such a wonderful imagination, but it only seems to work best outside.

Isnt that a great lion roar! these are the bushes right outside Josh's clinic.
Sydney decided to join the lion fun but Lincoln was happy talking to the leaves with kitty.