Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I got a call the other day from my beautiful amazing sister-in-law Joelle.
It started like this...
"I dont know how to start this conversation and I'm really nervous to talk to you about it..."
I prepped myself.
"I've gotten several concerned calls from family and close friends..."
Oh great here it comes they are all concerned for my spiritual welfare.
You might not know that I've received several FB message from loved ones concerned for my spiritual life. And as much as I feel the love from these individuals, I dont really feel the need.
So as I have dealt with this previously I braced myself for more family concerns.
"Well, everyone's wondering when you and Josh are going to get a divorce!"
Then I started laughing!
So I thought I would place a post to ease some minds. If its To much Information for you....?
You asked for it!
I have never been more in love with Josh Sparks then I am today. He is my best friend. I know I can always count on him. I know he will never judge me but will help me to become a better person each day. He encourages me to think as an individual and for myself.
In the 10 years we've been married he has always been patient with me, has never raised his voice or a hand to me. And has supported me through different health issues, medication and over a year of therapy.
His reaction to this whole thing... he thought it was hilarious!
We've never been closer and our sex life is amazing. Not as frequent as we would like but lets face it... we have three kids under 7 and he's in dental school.
With that said I could never ask for a better lover then Josh!
I certainly hope that calms people down. I have to say who ever was worried about us, i appreciate your concern and love but who are you???
Obviously not someone we're in regular contact with or I wouldnt have heard it from Joelle.
And shame on you for worrying the poor girl!!

Oh and BY THE WAY... My friend I met up in Palm Beach for lunch is VERY VERY GAY! I didnt feel the need to type his sexual preference to the world!
I did call him and ask if he minded if I outed him on my personal blog
"Girl you can shout it form the roof tops I'M GAY!!!!"
He too thought it was funny that people would read my blog and think that he was moving in on Josh's family. He is crazy in love with his partner of 9 years.
His sexual orientation plays no part in our friendship with the exception of my admiration of him being true to himself and the way he feels.
Love you AJ!!