Sunday, April 5, 2009

I picked up this gate for Cheap at Big Lots. This way the kids can come up to the door and talk to me. This is way better then them opening and closing the door all the time and in the process letting the dog out. Sadie is really a great dog especially for being only a year old. But she seems to be on this all poop diet and if she doesn't get outside to look for some she gets a little desperate. She'll wait for the door to open and bolt out.

Now poor Lincoln loves to be outside but refuses to try and crawl. It just hurts to see him drag himself and his cloths across the cement and grass. And at 23 pounds I can't carry him everywhere. I mean for heavens sake that's like a quarter of my weight. I'm getting in shape but not that much!!
So the two of them just sit by the door and either talk or bark at people as they go by. Its actually quality time they spend together. It cracks me up when Lincoln turns to Sadie and says something and Sadie looks at him like she can completely understand him.

Oh one more thing. Doors open out down here because of the hurricanes. Less chance of the wind blowing them open. And more room for us!