Saturday, April 25, 2009 BABY!!!!

So these are pre "getting serious" pics. I want to lift and tone my butt. My chest... that's being taken care of. =) Check out my slowly appearing hamstring. And yes I am flexing my arms in the pic below. Don't laugh, they will be changing too.

My tan line make it look like I'm two different bodies. My belly is SUPER white. But hey that comes with wearing a 1 piece. My tummy is ok front he front but I want the ripples to go away. Josh says that diet is the only way to looses that so it might be sticking around for a while. I"m just tring to eat a lot right now. I'll work on what kind of food it is in a little while. I just need calories. I'm hungry ALL THE TIME!

Can't complain too much about my quads and calves. The are the quickest to show some change. But I definitely want to see them bulk and tone more.

I know what you're all thinking... that I have nothing to complain about after having 3 kids. Every one tells me that. But I'd like to walk up my stairs with out being out of breath. And hey..
I live in South Florida. The weathers perfect to perfect your body and show it off
so WHY NOT!!
And it gives me a break from my kids and raises my endorphins to where I actually can have fun with them!