Friday, April 17, 2009

Seriously... we all look soooooo YOUNG! This was a dinner party put on by a friend of mine. We ofcourse had a blast.
And check out the pre baby body I had!! Man I'd jump me too. My girlfriends and I were joking about how we practice stripping for when we got married. Now I'm married and "YA RIGHT!"

I was in the choir at our Community college and we would go up to Canada once a year. They'd pass it off as a choir tour but all we did was sing at a few schools and a church and then partied in Canada. The drinking age in canada is 18 so everyone would get plastered. Here me and my girlfriend Tauni chugging down our tastey of beverage after a long night of dancing.
Man did I love to dance!
Bit, Ben and Bob came with my family down to the ocean. This was Brits way of toasting his sommore. Pretty inventive and it worked pretty well. I didn't mind the fact that everyone had their shirts off too.

This is Brit asleep with my cat Sandy. You probably dont think much of this pic but its a big deal. you see my cat didn't like any of the guys I dated. I did go on one date with brit. But what you can't see is the fact that his beautiful fiance is sharing the other half of this couch. Once Brit fell in love with Crystal and got ingaged... Brit could do no wrong in Sandys eyes.