Friday, April 24, 2009


Man I think it took all his will power to keep from blowing the candle out before the song was over. I wish I had run the camera just a few more seconds. You miss his super intense face. He went from laughing to consentrating on his wish. It was hilarious.

As crazy as it is.... my first born turned five yesterday.
Here's to Isaac my snuggle bug, never endless energy, intelligent, at times destructive, always intense, always surprising, and loving Isaac.

he stands 47 inches tall
weighs in at 42.6 pounds

his loves : anything active and challenging, the outdoors,
playing with the big boys, tech deck, transformers, and all things 'boy'.

he hates : having to be patient, naps (unless in need of Serious mommy snuggles),
being told he's too small, being excluded, and anything that bugs him at the time (I hate ___ ) in a whinny voice.

I love you Isaac. You always find ways to "help" me grow as a parent and an individual.
Happy Birthday!