Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bath and Bed

Yes it does get a little crazy with three in the tube. But its quicker. We usually have Lincoln and Sydney bath first and then Lincoln comes out and Isaac goes in. Sydney and Isaac still love to play in the bath together but we're shortening the time dramatically. I don't need to spell it out do I? I didn't think so.

Our routine is Bath, Teeth, Books, and Bed. It usually goes pretty smooth except that both want to snuggle on mommy at night. Tuesday night I have choir so they snuggle on daddy. How do you snuggle two at the same time? You let them fall asleep in your bed with you between them. And then you move them to their beds when you go to sleep. Why go through all this trouble? Because when you lay down with them they are out in about 5 minutes. You put them in bed and who knows... and besides they won't want to snuggle on us forever. That's what I tell Josh ALL THE TIME! The dangers of snuggling them to sleep? We have a tendency to pass out with them. They're so warm and they little snuggle bugs!!

Its always funny to see how you will find them. Last night was a night where they were EXHAUSTED!! Isaac's gotten to the age where he doesn't move much but as you can see... Sydney has a little while before she stops hogging the bed.
Yes Sydney still wears pull ups at night. I swear that this is going to be the last box (Costco). But I'm sorry it worth my nights sleep to not have to wake up and change her and change her cloths. And NO shes not the kind of kid you can pick out of bed and put on the potty... tried it... seriously BACKFIRED!! We wound up with a melting down 3 year old at 10:30 at night. FUN FUN FUN!