Sunday, April 12, 2009

So not planning for anything special for dinner landed us at the Buca on the special Easter Sabbath. Ya when we break the Sabbath we go all out. I know Calley we've been so good. But the Buca was soo good too. Happy Easter to us. Kids were ok and the food was good. couldn't ask for more.

Crazy eyes Sydney here was pretty excited about the collection of Dora books. She's tring too hard to express herself through her eyes.

Also a big hit but also a huge let down was the princess sheet and pillow case the Easter bunny brought her. Bunny got it in the wrong size... toddler bed not twin. ooops!

And what Easter would be complete with out Bakugan. Isaac Tigrerra, figure and ball. Also a new bat and ball with the ever wanted Star Wars on it.