Friday, July 3, 2009

Its like "where's waldo?" but "where's Lincoln?" Make it easy on you.. he's the only one crawling. =) I'd have to walk around above him when it got crowded so he wouldn't get stepped on. I'm sure youre thinking just pick him up... well as I said before... he was determined to be in the mix. I marvel at the parents who have mild mannered children. Because WOW mine aren't!
They know what they want to do and you can't convince them otherwise and they figure it out really young.
Isn't that beautiful!!!!
See what I mean.... right in the mix!
Isaac below karate chopping the water. His suit fits perfect when dry. When wet... it sits a little low. His tan line is so cute to me. He's getting sooooo tan. And we cover him in sunblock too! He tans like my brothers, I always was jealous of them. Notice his Very cool ankle bands! 1 transformers and 2 I am a child of God (it glows in the dark to show him the way)