Thursday, July 9, 2009

Over view of a daily work out

So I use to give my older brother a hard time about exercising. I thought he was obsessed with his muscles. He'd stand in front of the mirror and flex the different muscles he was developing and show me the new ones that had started to show. I thought it was ridiculous.
Now that I am exercising I have caught the fever. I'm in front of the mirror asking Josh what the name of each muscle is because I can actually see them! =)
I know they are not as big and impressive as some other people, but as I said... You can see them and thats a huge difference for me!!
I loved this pic because you can see the work I have been doing on my back and delts!
Sooooo Coooool!!!!
Jonathon I take back anything and everything I ever said growing up.
At least on this subject! =)