Friday, July 3, 2009

Amy and Kirk (above)
This family is one of our favorite. Kirk should be turning 2 here pretty soon. Sean (below) is in his second year of dental and Amy works with an Orchestra. She has been playing the flute for more then 15 years. Extremely talented, creative and such a great friend.
I was in the car with the kids one day and Sydney says, "Amy is the best mommy ever!" I mistakenly thought she said me so I said thank you. Her answer, "No mommy not you.... AAAMMMYYY!" In an offended and then dreamy voice.
Kirk is such a sweet heart.
So Amy asked Sydney once who her friends were "Haley... Chelsea... Kayla!" Sydney considers Chelsea one of her best friends. She is in the nursing program here and her husband is a D2. Dental second year. So we will have Chelsea till we move and hopefully for a lot longer!
How awesome is this camera!!! Isaac is insane about opening his eyes under water. Doesn't bother him at all, but all H--- breaks loose if he gets water in his eyes when he's in the bath tub.