Thursday, July 9, 2009

Josh took us out to Weston for our bike workout. We had to bike for 30 minutes that day. I went 6 miles and Josh managed 9 miles. He pushes himself so much more then I do, but I'm getting there. He found a sweet park so he watched the kids while I biked and then i took over while he did his ride. It worked great except for the mosquitos!
Sydney snapped this shot while I was stretching and pushing Lincoln. Whats great about our camera (one of many things) is that you can edit while its still in the camera. So even a shot by a 3 year old turns out great! Below is Lincoln enjoying his juice and swinging.

Sydney has hit a stage where all she does is silly faces. She either doesn't let you take a pic or does something like this.

Oh Isaac! I showed my friends an old video of Isaac climbing up a chair and into the kitchen sink. He wasn't even 2 years old.
As you can see... he hasn't changed a bit!
Dang it! I just erased the pic I was typing about. It of Isaac on top of the playground. I'll have to post it later!