Thursday, February 3, 2011

Video before bedtime

Just recently Kohl's had Eric Carle books for their Charity books.
I love him. If you dont know who he is he wrote "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".
Anyways. . . Kohls rotates the books and Stuffed animals that go with them. I just love it. Each book is $5 and each animal is $5. 100% goes to Charity. kohls doesnt keep any of it.
Well I went and got them all. And a few extras for gifts. Each one of my kids picked an animal and I bought the book that went with the animal they picked.
I had to make a video with Lincoln explaining what he named his Chameleon. I have no idea where he got this name but he has stuck by it for over a week.
Then of course my two camera hogs came over too. Sydney goes into super cute mode when she's tired and she's pretty much exhausted these days. Isaac after watching the video corrected himself, "It actually Mr. furry shell, not shelly." thanks for the clarification.
But thats ok. They really are all so cute and they are only little once.
Well he has more then just that one.