Monday, February 14, 2011

My baby Girl is getting so Big

February 13th, 2006 about 9:30 int he morning.
After a month on bedrest , she came a week early! Sooo tiny!
I badly wanted to have her on Valentines day but glad I didnt. Turns out a lot of babies wanted to be born on the 14th. I would've had to share a room. YUCK!
But she still got the cute vday ribbon on her head.
I remember my mom telling me once that I was the ugliest baby out of the four of us. She said I stayed red FOREVER! Looking at this pic of Sydney I can see what she means.
She wasnt the prettiest baby either but that sure changed.
This is her at 6 weeks old.
Here she is at her 1st birthday. A heart cake because thats what was on sale! And yes i do believe she is holding a lighter. Can you see her little curls? Her head is a little miss shaped so I was so happy when her hair started to grow in. If I had known better I would've pushed the doctor to give her a helmet but they said her head would get better as she got older. NOPE!
Below you can see a her curly hair. Oh how her LOVED Florida Humidity!
Believe it or not I cant find anything from her 2nd Birthday.
This is from May, 2 months after she turned 2.
more Curls!! I loved IT!!
Below is her 3rd Birthday with her two besties!! Haley and Kayla. Kayla the one in the middle is only 2 weeks younger then Sydney and Haley is a few months older.
The next year found the same three girls together but with Josie also. This was shortly after Sydney decided to cut her hair. She was watching Mulan and wanted to do what she did. there were no swords lieing around our house but she did find scissors. The only way to let it grow out properly was to pixie it. So at age 4 she has boy short hair.
I did look cute on her but being that she's my only girl it hurt to see it so short.
And Now here we are present day. I have two videos. One is of her church youth group singing happy birthday (yes she wore her princess crown to Church) and the next is of the family cake party. We went to Monkey Joes with her friends on Friday and that was nice. But I always love the family cake party the best. Jessica came with her 3 cuties and Lucy and Joe stopped in with their two cuties.
And of course the gorgeous Cardona girls.
It was nice to have friends with us.
Next is Isaac.... he'll be turning 7 in April.Had to put a pic of Sydney's cake on here. I baked it and frosted it. Last minute Josh decided to free hand a mermaid. Not too shabby huh! I like her shells the best! RED HOT!