Thursday, February 3, 2011

So who out there owns a Maxi Dress??? I LOVE mine. In fact I just ordered a Maxi skirt with my kohls $$$. You can do anything with a maxi dress and they look good on everyone. Gotta Love em. The only thing is they are usually really long on my 5'4" frame. I've wanted to shorten it but dont like the whole "did it myself" look. Well I happened to stumble on a blog where she pretty much customizes all her outfits to fit her perfectly and she had some really "dumbed down" tutorials for people like me.

Sorry still havnt figured out how to put a real link on here. You still have to copy and paste it.
This lady ROCKS!! She can get anything from a thrift store and make it look amazing!
This link will take you to her tutorial on hemming jeans while keeping the original hem. And an even fancier way if thats too ghetto for you.

I dont know how well you can see the edge of the excess that I cut off. If you dont know what I'm talking about you havnt been to the tutorial. I cant keep my eyes open long enough to retype her explanation.

I just put the link in. I have no idea why that line in particular want to type in a web address but I'll take it.
The picture below is of my finished hem. I took a total of 3 inches off, now I can wear cute sandals with it instead of 4" wedges. (which did look cute but you cant run after a toddler in them). Not too shabby huh!! I also took the sleeves up 1/2 an inch each. What a huge difference. My boobs look so much bigger with a top that fits.
I spent a fair amount of time going through my closet looking at all the stuff I want to hem or take in. I have this great Purple dress I'm going to wear to Josh's graduation Banquet in May but I think I'm still hesitant to take that one in on my own.
We'll see, maybe after a few more alterations under my belt I'll be more confident.
Now go hem some pants!!! (or skirts)