Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stepping up on the color.....

Just ignore my crazy hair and brunt skin.
So I've been reading a lot of Instyle and all those mags. Never much been in to fashion. This has bloomed over from interior decorating mags. I still need desperate help there too.
But the new thing this spring is colorcolorcolor! Theres a whole 70s theme coming back too. Now those of you who havnt known me since high school wouldnt know that I totally rocked the 70s in high school. I mean bell bottoms and pointed collars. Then it became kind of cool in a new version. Well then I wasnt too into it. mine was authentic but people started sporting stuff they thought was retro but wasnt. So that phase for me passed.
But I love rocking this new dress I got super cheap at Kohls and a Vera Wang Jacket.
My go to fishnet stockings to cover the veins and bruises my kids give me with out actually wearing full of nylons. I really want to do colored tights but I'm not brave enough. Maybe next Monday.