Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Eve

We spent New years eve over at your neighbors house. the Cardona Family has been here 2 years now and I'm going to miss them soooo much when we move.
The kids were so excited about the party that we went over at 8 and it didnt start till 9. (really not until after midnight) But the kids danced for a while so Lincoln felt like he was at a party.
The bandaid is from a miss happen break dance move. He kept trying it after the fact. The kids got some rhythm. I have to basically tie him down to keep him out of Isaac's dance class.
Anyways, we took him home for bed and I slapped some lashes and makeup on. Did soemething with my hair and headed back. Not fast enough though. The 2 older kids were hounding me the whole time. They didnt wasnt to miss anything!
THIS is Lina. She is in Isaac's class and her family is also good friends of the Cardonas. Isnt she the cutest. I put her on here to give you an idea of the cute girls that were "all about Isaac" that night. Wow I am not ready for that. Both Lina and her little friend (i dont have a pic of) have little Crushes on Isaac. Innocent enough... they all had a great time connecting with each others DSs and gaming all night. I guess you can chat back and forth too.
Man did I ever get schooled by a 6 year old. I had no idea it did all that. Our Family shared "mom's" Game Boy played Tetric! lol
Right before midnight we were all given a little piece of paper to write down 3 things from the year that we want to get ride of. Anxiety, yelling, and others people's jealousies.
And three things you want to come to you in the new year. Sex, patience, and faith.
I dont think I was suppose to share what I wrote but oh well.

Then you tie it to your balloon. josh and I shared ours and then added Sydney's to it after her balloon flew away.
Then you get your celebratory drink and your cup of 12 grapes.
Each grape represents a month in the new year. When you eat a grape you make a wish.
Now that we had everything, we all went outside to the parking lot and waited for the count down.
Masks and noise makers a plenty! It was really fun and exciting sharing that time with so many wonderful people. Josh and I hadnt stayed up for New Years Eve since before Isaac was born. I know it gets boring after kids.
The 3 Cardona Sisters Vivi, Mari, and Cata! Beautiful!
Their Grandma and Grandpa from their Dad's side.
Felipia and his Beautiful wife... married less then 2 years.
Josh was at home listening for Lincoln but he came over about 11:30 to join in.

We all formed a circle (even Sadie) Martha offered a prayer right before midnight. Mario translated for us. I understand almost everything but it was nice to not have to think but just listen and feel.
We counted down and let our balloons loose and drank our drinks and ate our grapes. Then we all gave each other hugs and kisses. "Feliz Ano!"
A few people grabbed some suitcases and started on a walk around the circle. When I asked what they were doing it was explained that it was a tradition that Columbians do to bring good luck in traveling in the new year. I loved it. I should've grabbed a bag too!
Then as I was gathering up the kids to head for be I hear "no vas a quedar para la cena?" ("your not staying for dinner?")
Dinner what? Its midnight? I was wanting to dance.
And the answer was... dancing is after dinner.
Marianna prepared us the day before by telling us that the party would last all night long. And she was not exaggerating. We lasted till almost 1 and then called it a night. I thought I might go back and dance but I was beat.
Such a wonderful night!! And such an amazing family and culture.
Un gran agradecimiento a la familia Cardona para la inclusiĆ³n de nosotros y compartir sus tradiciones y su amor con nosotros!