Sunday, January 30, 2011

T-shirts into bags

So do you have a shirt your son or daughter just loves but if you see it on them one more time your going to throw up?Well Sydney does! I ran across a tutorial on how to make tshirts into bags and I knew just which shirt i was going to use. This is a hand me down shirt from my friend Keri. It was love at first site for Sydney. It is too small for her now but refuses to let it go.
The stripey shirt I found when I was digging through looking for the princess one. I thought it would be cute for a bag. So all you do is cut the arm off and the neck. I then sigsagged stitched around the cut edges. Then turn the shirt inside out and sew the bottom closed.
pull the corners in to box the bottom out. (I have no idea how to explain that)
But thats it. Little bags.And ofcourse I have to say something about my beautiful model. Actually theres nothing to say the pics speak for themselves. Wow does she take after me. I had a flash back to making my friend Theresa pose with me for pics when we were little girls. Elementary days. Remember that Theresa? My long flowing ratty hair and your sweet stretch pants.
I was such a bossy kid and I see Sydney doing it already.
Oh what the future holds for her.....
I dont know if you can see all her makeup on. Lipgloss I guess is a multi function makeup necessity. She uses it on her lips eyes and cheeks.
Sydney is obsessed with my shoes. And who wouldnt be, I love them too!!
I've had to hide my recent purchase. (my shoes from kohls)