Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Broke down and used Josh's camera....

So this out fit totaled out to be $15.00.
I didnt count the pants b/c they are like 10 years old. I go through weight shifts. I can always tell by putting these pants on. They have been too small more times then they have fit. Dont get me wrong... I'll still lay down on the bed and force the zipper up. lol
Right now they are a perfect fit. I love the length. Because seriously my $1 shoes are about 4 inches tall.
I was going to give a break down of the makeup I had on. Thats what the above collage was suppose to be about, But man did it look better in person... I swear it did.
The lighting was horrible. And I still havnt found my camera charger so I was using Josh's camera. Not the same. Especially since I dont have a timer on his phone so he had to take the pics. Its much more awkward when someone else is taking them instead of you in your own world with no one looking.
I still posted this though because Isaac cracks me up!
I think he was a little hungry by the way he was shoving that PBJ into his mouth,
what do you think?

My new favorite sweater!! It was marked down to $4.50 at Target, normally $20. I got this one in small but two others in large. They are so soft. The other two are Grey/white and Brown.