Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little Miss Mama Blog

So there's a blog I follow and absolutely LOOOVVVEEE! You can find it to the right of my posts in my Stalking list. So she had someone comment on her blog and this is the response I posted.
Now I know that putting ourselves out there in blog world is very exposing and vulnerable.
Heck I had some crazy lady commenting on my post and then when I took my comments off she emailed me! WHAT!
With that said.... if your going to comment on someones blog be positive. What the phase
"If you dont have something nice to say dont say anything at all!

This comment is for #45 Stacey.
I too am a bubbly stylish outgoing and damn amazing woman. I too struggle with mental health ie. ADD, anxiety and depression. There definelty can be polar opposites inside a person. It sounds like you might be in the mental health field so I would think you would have this understanding already. I get you werent trying to be mean but seriously maybe that "honest"question should've been posed to her in a private email or just go get some books and read up on. Everyone has a different way of dealing with insecurities or issues wit in themselves. Mine manifest in anxiety/panic attacks.
Just b/c LLM has a health issue does not define her as an individual! Its not something she personally has chosen to do.
I dont choose to have panic attacks.
I LOVE you Little Miss Mama!!! I think in revealing your secret, you have become a real individual to me and someone who deserves respect for the courage shown. No one can look at another person and think that they are perfect. We never know the struggles another individual goes through.