Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was really lucky and had a mom that taught me a lot about how to dress well, what complimented me and what didn't, and how what you wear is directly connected to how people react to you.
Although I have been considered by some to be stylish, I've never felt as if I had an organized look. So I've chosen two of my favorite Style Icons and am going to try and follow "suit".

First of... I've always loved Audrey Hepburn because she was tiny like I am. Actually I think I'm bigger then she as but still...
She was so very classy and classic. And never came across as frail in the way she dressed.
I loved that she wasn't afraid to hide the fact that she was tiny.
Now I'm pretty new to Jackie Kennedy Onassis. I found a dress at the store last night that I loved and turned to my friend and asked her what era she thought it was from... her answer was "Very Jackie Kennedy"
I knew she was considered a style icon but had never look her up online. Well I did tonight and I love her!
Her style was so simple yet so incredibly elegant and she never changed her style through the years. She kept it simple, not flashy. And there for timeless!!!
Now don't get me wrong I'll still add my own little flash to it but I love how these women dressed so simple strong yet extremely feminine.