Sunday, August 16, 2009

They have this wonderful deck in the front of the house that has a gate to close it off. It was so nice because Lincoln could be out there and we didn't have to worry about him getting loose or grass or bugs! It was also perfect for Sydney to ride her new Princess Bike (thank you Nannah for pitching in 1/2!!) For some reason I don't seem to have a picture of it.

This is Isaac's sweet "picker upper". Its a wand that extends with a magnet on the end so you can pick things up with it. He loved going around and finding out what things were metal and what things were "made to look like metal" "sneaky".

Sydney had the first one and Lincoln wouldn't leave it alone so we went and got Lincoln one. Well you can't have 2 kids with one and 1 kids with out. So Isaac got one. Isaac's and Sydney's have Sadies old collars on and Lincoln's puppy is bare. Thats how we tell them apart. I figured when Sydney and Isaac get bored of theirs then I can tuck them away for Lincoln. He's so funny b/c he hasn't taken to ANY other stuffed animals. My parents even tried to show him other ones but he only likes this one. And its hilarious to watch him gather them all up and sit with them and hug them all in turn or all at once. He's so funny.

A rare moment caught on tape. Normally she's bossing him around or screaming at him. One day he's giong to wake up and realise he's bigger then her.
Below is Isaac working with his "bug finding glass". Him and Nannah would go on nature walks or bug hunting. He loved that thing. He even asked to borrow my camera case to put it in.