Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yes Isaac's preschool is having a graduation. Isaac isn't graduating to kindergarten till next year but he's still part of the ceremony. This preschool is a steal. Its the vocational program at the high school, so the teachers are high school students. And there are always about 5 students in the room and there are only about 15 kids, so Isaac gets the amount of attention he needs. There are two adults that supervise the students. Miss Vanessa is in the preschool with the students and kids. Ms. Read is in the adjacent class room with a two way mirror and all the other students. These are the students learning early childhood education and the ones in the preschool are practicing it.
Isaac goes Tuesday through Wednesday 8-12. The feed them snacks and lunch and its $15 a WEEK!!!!
And they do all sorts of cool stuff. They had a bouncy house and snow cones for the week of Christmas celebrations. And all the kids got presents and Santa came. Its crazy the stuff the do. I think its b/c they get a certain amount of funding from the school district.
As soon as Sydney is potty trained (August) or early by her choice, she can go for only an extra $5 a week. We will be moving so the school will be 6 miles away. But even taking into account the gas, its still the cheapest preschool I have found. And they really focus on academics where the previous school I had him in worked on social skills. We know Isaac doesn't lack in that.